CineD Focus Check Ep10 – Can Bad Reviews Hurt Companies? | Users as Beta Testers | Virtual Production on a Budget | NAB Memorable Products

This week Nino and Johnnie talk about reviewing tech products and whether these reviews can potentially hurt companies. They reveal CineD’s philosophy when it comes to reviews and Lab Tests.

Johnnie and Nino also discuss whether consumers are lately seen as mere Beta testers by companies. They delve into virtual production on a budget and reveal some of the most memorable products they saw at this year’s NAB. Don’t miss the end when they give a quick explanation of the platform CINEFLARES and an exclusive discount offer for our readers.

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Show chapters:

(00:00:00) Introduction 

(00:00:44) Review ethics: Can a bad review hurt a company?

(00:17:50) The CineD method and Lab Tests

(00:25:32) Lens reviews: Clean vs. character

(00:29:59) Are consumers treated as Beta testers these days?

(00:38:57) Virtual production on a budget: CineShooter+ & Unreal Engine

Kessler CineShooter+, Eric Kessler and Chris Field tells Nino Leitner about the R&D behind the device. Image credit: Kessler, CineD

(00:52:07) NAB aftermath and most memorable products

(01:11:04) CINEFLARES Pro launched and offer for CineD readers

We hope you enjoyed this episode!

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