RED Ranger Now Available to Order – Helium 8K And Gemini 5K Announced

September 10th, 2019
RED Ranger Now Available to Order - Helium 8K And Gemini 5K Announced

The RED Ranger camera is now open to public purchase by announcement of two new models. The previously rental house only body will now sport their two 2 Super35mm sensors – the Helium 8K and Gemini 5K.

Earlier this year, RED announced the RED Ranger, an ergonomically refined, production ready camera available only to rental houses.

It was reminiscent of the Panavision DXL2, which also shares the same Monstro 8K VV sensor.

RED Ranger is now available in two Super35mm versions, ready to purchase – The Helium 8K S35 and the Gemini 5K S35.

What Is The RED Ranger

Whilst still adhering to the RED modular ethos, the Ranger is more production ready than DMSC2 bodies. Out of the box it features two independent SDI outputs plus an additional monitor out, genlock, timecode, XLR audio. Multiple Aux power, 24v RS.

It is similar in features to a DMSC2 with a Production Module back, but with better ergonomics.
Power outs are placed around the camera – 24V RS is found at the front, right where it should be for focus units.

Control panel is on the assistant side, the larger body houses has larger fan for more efficient temperature management.

The PL mount is shimmed for better back focus, battery mount is V lock or Gold Mount. The camera body weighs around 7.5 .lbs.

RED Ranger Goes Super35

The original Monstro 8K VV currently remains Rental House only, but the new Super35 versions can be purchased.

Pricing starts at $24,950 (full pricing below), and specifications remain the same as their DMSC2 counterparts.

The Red Ranger Helium8K S35 has the same 8K sensor it always has. Still has a max full format framerate of 60p in 8K, 5:1 & 12:1 compression ratios in 8K for 24p and 60p respectively.

Likewise with the RED Ranger Gemini 5K S35 – same sensor, 96p 5K full format, 2:1 & 6:1 compression ratios for 5K 24p & 60p respectively.

The difference really is the ergonomics, peripherals and cooling. Full specification for both cameras in links below.


Pricing for the RED Ranger Helium 8K S35 starts at $29,950, and the Ranger Gemini 5K S35 starts at $24,950.

It wasn’t too clear where the RED Ranger would sit with the initial Monstro announcement. Rental House only cameras can often sit in a bracket that only really makes them viable for feature/large content productions. These two new announcements suggest RED are making strides to produce a more ready to go camera.

Sony VENICE, DXL2, ARRI Amira, Alexa are all singular items on a camera kit list. With RED DSMC2 there are grey areas – does it comes with XLR audio? What are the power options? Will the AC’s Preston system work with the package; every hire company’s RED cameras are different.

The RED Ranger line should be a little more straight forward, offering much more out of the box so there is less ambiguity.

Are you considering to buy a RED Ranger? How do you feel about RED’s current offerings? Let us know in the comments below. 


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 sam dole
sam dole
MemberSeptember 10th, 2019

Red fan boys suddenly will think that it’s so crazy cool and innovative from Red to make a camera with everything included in the body and will spend another $25k for 2019. The Reduser moderators and usual patronizers will stop talking mathematics and numbers for a few hours to shoot a new test video in their backyard for their « professional » portfolio with their brand new camera. Until next semester camera.

 SMP Saint Marks Pictures LLC
SMP Saint Marks Pictures LLC
MemberSeptember 12th, 2019

And still no internal ND….pass.

Francesco Ulisse Cammarata
Francesco Ulisse Cammarata
MemberSeptember 13th, 2019

Buy a Red camera today is crazy, there are cameras that offer better performance for a significantly lower cost.
Red remains the choice for fanatics who usually populate their forum!
I challenge anyone to identify a clip produced with a Red and one produced with another camera.

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