Rosco MIX – a New Smart Color Mixing LED Light Fixture

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Rosco MIX - a New Smart Color Mixing LED Light Fixture

DMG LUMIÈRE BY ROSCO unveiled  a new LED fixture called MIX at NAB 2018. The light will be available in three different sizes, come with a high level of smart remote controlling and have a variety of cool features.

MIX LED panel. Source: Rosco

ROSCO is not a new company in the lighting industry and is well known for its light filters and other entertainment and lighting solutions. Now, after their recent acquisition of LED lighting specialist DMG Lumière, they presented their new LED fixture at this year’s NAB show, called the MIX.

The MIX will initially be available in two sizes – the MINI and the SL1 – followed by the release of the third size , namely the MAXI. These sizes have the same parameters as used with the older LED panels by DMG Lumière (the Switch line). The MIX has three different functionality modes:

  • The white mode offers a wide range of tunable white light, from daylight to tungsten, along with green/magenta correction.
  • The color mode enables users to adjust hue, saturation using the 360° hue wheel — with the ability to desaturate colors to either daylight or tungsten — and intensity, including a dimming curve.
  • The gel mode allows users to select a Rosco gel from a vast library of gels and modify the gel’s hue, saturation, and green/magenta shift as needed.

The different sizes of MIX fixtures. Source: Rosco

What I think is very innovative about MIX is the amount of remote controlling and the cool, smart features. The company developed the so called myMIX app for smartphones to control the MIX LED fixtures. Users can choose a color from the color palette or capture a color by photographing it with a mobile phone, then save the color and transfer it wirelessly to the MIX fixture. The app controls MIX fixtures wirelessly and contains all of the on-board control features, along with the ability to name and save colors within project folders in the cloud, as well as share colors with colleagues instantly. This short promotional video mentions those features – have a look:

MIX features 6-LED color mixing: Red + Lime + Green + Blue + Amber + White. This enables it to generate a wider gamut of colors than RGBW or RGBA fixtures. The company further stated that the Red and Lime emitters provided are manufactured exclusively for MIX – meaning it can create colors, tones, and hues that are only available when using a MIX light. MIX can be controlled on-board or wirelessly through LAN, wired or wireless DMX, WiFi, and Bluetooth technology.

Controling the MIX light with the myMIX app. Source: Rosco

Rosco further stated that they will be continually adding more color temperatures, hues and Rosco gel colors to the on-board library of MIX presets through firmware updates, using the myMIX App. All MIX fixtures will also be compatible with all of the DMG Lumière Switch accessories – The Dome, Snapbag, Snapgrid and the Quickfit Handle.


  • dimensions – 585mm x 205mm x 37mm (23″ x 8″ x 1.4″)
  • weight – 2.56kg (5.6lb)
  • maximum power draw – 100W
  • includes 288 LEDs (48 x 6) with a CRI average > 95 / TLCI average > 90.


  • dimensions – 1118mm x 205mm x 37mm (44″ x 8″ x 1.4″)
  • weight – 4.18kg (9.2lb)
  • maximum power draw – 200W
  • includes 576 LEDs (96 x 6) with a CRI average > 95 / TLCI average > 90.

There are no official specifications for the MAXI foldable version of the MIX panel yet, as it will be available later on. Assuming it will keep the form factor of the older Switch MAXI panel, the dimensions of the unfolded panel will be: 1219mm x 762mm x 37mm (48″ x 30″ x 1.4″), which folds to 381mm (15″) in Width.

According to the manufacturer, the MIX technology will be available in early Summer 2018. The basic MINI-MIX Light kit will cost $2,790 USD and he basic SL1-MIX Light kit will be $3,490 USD.

What do you think about the new MIX panels? Do you have experience with color-mixing LED panels? Let us know in the comments below.

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