Rycote Mic Boom Poles Announced

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Rycote Mic Boom Poles Announced

Rycote is a company known for manufacturing best-in-class windscreens for microphones as well as other professional sound accessories. But now they’ve ventured into new waters with the introduction of an entirely new line of Rycote mic boom poles.

Rycote is part of the Vitec Imaging Soultions brand and so are a number of other well-known companies in the Pro Video sector. One of them is Gitzo, an Italian French manufacturer of premium tripods, mostly made of carbon fibre compounds.

So why not join forces and produce something new, the executives must have thought. As a result, Rycote is announcing a new line of carbon fibre mic boom poles, aimed at the professional audio market.

Rycote mic boom pole
Rycote mic boom pole with mic and windscreen attached. Image credit: rycote

Rycote mic boom poles

These new mic boom poles come with some of Gitzo’s heritage built-in: The locking mechanism is new and improves but it builds on their vast experience making quality tripods over the decades. I once operated one of Gitzo’s mic boom poles myself and it was the lightest I’ve ever used ( but that’s a good 15 years ago and I’ve barely touched a boom pole again, to be honest).

Rycote locks
Locking mechanism. Image credit: Rycote

The new Rycote mic boom poles sport a clever twist-lock mechanism which is attached to each segment of the pole. All it takes is a quarter-turn of the knurled aluminium grip to open or lock each section and since the tubes are designed to be sturdy and stiff, yet smooth and silky to the touch, you also can extend the boom pole while recording.

Both the 3/8” threaded male tip and the rubberised bottom end cap are removable to allow for easy internal cabling or cabling adjustments.

Three lengths to choose from

The Rycote 5-section carbon fibre microphone boom poles are available in three different lengths to suit most applications, each with a rated payload of 5kg/11.02lbs.

Rycote mic boom pole
Carbon-fiber mic boom pole. Image credit: Rycote

Mic Boom Small:
Collapsed length: 57cm/22.44” 
Extended length: 200cm/78.74” 
Weight: 0.48kg/ 1.03lbs

Mic Boom Medium
Collapsed length: 83cm/32.67” 
Extended length: 330cm/129.92” 
Weight: 0.65kg/ 1.43lbs

Detachable bottom
Detachable bottom. Image credit: Rycote

Mic Boom Large
Collapsed length: 100cm/39.37” 
Extended length: 420cm/165.35”
Weight: 0.78kg/ 1.72lbs


All three models are available for pre-order through official retailers, shipping should start soonish.

Rycote mic boom pole
Image credit: Rycote

Link: Rycote

What do you think? Is Rycote a brand you trust? Would you buy such a boom pole by Rycote in conjunction with Gitzo? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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