Shoot a Film on Your Phone – Your Talent is Worth $100K in Prizes

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Shoot a Film on Your Phone - Your Talent is Worth $100K in Prizes

Indie filmmakers, listen up! This is for you: Shoot a film on your phone and take part of the 4th Moment Invitational Film Festival. 100K in prizes and gear are waiting for 15 lucky (and talented) finalists. Deadline is March, 17th, so let’s make this a quick read in order to get you started!

What is indie filmmaking about? For me it’s all about keeping things simple. Indie filmmaking kicks the dreaded gear acquisition syndrome (GAS) to the curb, it shows the door to statements like “If I had that camera, I could make the film”. It’s all about starting something regardless of budget, skill or gear. Thinking big but with just a small backpack full of gear. Or even a phone… a phone?

Moment Invitational Film Festival

Moment is a Seattle based company which is specialized in, well, mobile phone filmmaking. They sell gear such as lenses, phone cases and other accessories an upcoming indie phone filmmaker might need and they also have created the Moment app (read all about it in our recent article here). Real phone addicts, so to say. But in order to bring it all together, the gear, the app, your phone, they’ve created the Moment Invitational Film Festival and in its 4th year, the 2019 season is the biggest in prizes yet. Watch the video below for a full rundown:

All you really need is your phone, any phone. Lenses, accessories, the Moment (or any other) app are not mandatory in order to participate in this contest. Just shoot up to a 3-min film and submit it until March, 17th. The 15 best applications will be chosen and each of them will get $1.000 in cash plus a free trip to NYC for the grand finale. Your film will be shown at the event, additional $25.000 in category prizes can be won and the 2 very best will get an additional $10.000 in cash.

That’s a pretty penny for funding your next film, I’d say. Check out the official festival site here for full details.

Submitting Your Film

In order to participate you have to follow some rules: Pick one category, keep your film under 3 minutes and upload it to Youtube before March 17th. The available categories are:

  • Narrative
  • Travel
  • Experimental
  • Mini Documentary
  • How To

Next, label your uploaded video in order to be found: Title your film like this:

FILM NAME” | Moment Invitational 2019 Submission | by Filmmaker Name

and use these tags: “Moment” and “Moment Invitational”. Additionally you have to submit a form (found here) and off you go! For all the intel regarding the submission of your film, watch the video below:

The NYC event will take place on April, 13th, so make sure you can make it on that date!

Links: Festival Website

What do you think? What are your favorite accessories when shooting with just a phone? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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