SIGMA fp Firmware 2.0 Released – External ProRes RAW and BRAW Recording, Dual ISO and More

Firmware 2.0 brings major updates to the SIGMA fp full frame camera. External ProRes Raw & BRAW is now supported, dual ISO enabled, CinemaDNG has improved high speed and delivery frame rates. There is also a Cinemagraph function and improvements to JPEG capture, timecode, flicker control, and auto focus.

SIGMA fp Image credit: SIGMA

In what is frankly a major upgrade in SIGMA firmware update 2.0, we caught up with SIGMA fp Product Planner Wakamatsu-san to discuss the long list of new features.

SIGMA fp – New Video Features

Starting with the new features concerning video on the SIGMA fp:

Additional Raw recording modes have now been enabled over HDMI. ProRes Raw with the Atomos Ninja-V and Blackmagic Raw on the Blackmagic Video Assist. Both will require firmware updates from the recording devices side, but the SIGMA fp now supports three popular flavors of raw – ProRes Raw, BRAW, and CinemaDNG!

SIGMA fp Image credit: SIGMA

Speaking of CinemaDNG, new features arrive in which you can now playback clips on the cameras, capture stills in cine mode, and capture stills from a movie file. DCI 4K 12bit is now supported over HDMI RAW output.

There is also a new HDR recording feature as well as Cinemagraph creation and playback (who’d have thought).

One of the SIGMA fp USPs was the Directors Viewfinder function – the ability to simulate the viewing angle of other cinema cameras. Within this function, you can now record video and take stills.

SIGMA fp camera menu. Image credit: cinema5D

SIGMA fp – Enhanced Video Features

The SIGMA fp has unlocked dual base ISO (ISO100 and 3200). This is discussed in the video with SIGMA stating that ISO100-800 is most effective at 12.5 stops of Dynamic Range.

Video Auto focus has been improved in speed, accuracy, and stability (from our testing, there is some improvement, but don’t expect phase dictation performance).

CinemaDNG has received a fair few updates. 25 and 29.97 are now supported in UltraHD 12 bit shooting, as well as 100 fps in FHD 12bit mode and 100 and 119.88fps in 8 and 10 bit FHD modes.

SIGMA fp camera menu. Image credit: cinema5D

“OFF” option is now available in Color mode. This feature simulates better what the sensor “sees” without an additional layer of color like in other picture modes (Vivid, Natural, and such).

Also, BWF audio is now supported for better audio/video sync when importing video files to DaVinci Resolve.

Timecode in is now available via the 3.5mm mic input of the camera. You can’t record audio whilst receiving timecode in, but it will retain the timecode once you have disconnected to re-establish connection with your microphone.

SIGMA fp camera menu. Image credit: cinema5D

There were a number of reports of the camera flickering under certain lighting conditions, and we were experiencing such an issue too when testing the camera when it first came out. Now we are happy to report that firmware 2.0 made it a thing of the past!

SIGMA fp as a webcam. Image credit: SIGMA

SIGMA fp Expansion

It is clear SIGMA has really listened to users when considering firmware 2.0 – there are some really significant updates in here.

Furthermore is SIGMAs stance on keeping the platform open to third-party companies and users.

Accessories manufactures can also access 3D data of the camera on their website.

There is a Software Development Kit (SDK) scheduled for early July, SIGMA state they have been in conversations with a handful of companies regarding further support.

Compatibility with the Zhiyun Weebill S Gimbal is a good example of this. The function is unclear until Zhiyun release their own firmware, but it is billed as camera movement control.

SIGMA fp and the new 100-400mm L mount lens. Image credit: SIGMA

SIGMA fp – What’s Not to Expect in This Firmware Update

Unfortunately, SIGMA has confirmed that implementing a LOG picture profile for enhanced Dynamic Range and greater creativity when coloring is not possible in this camera due to technical limitations. Turning “off” the color processing (Picture Mode off) is seemingly as close as one will get.

If you are interested to learn more about the SIGMA fp Full Frame camera, please head to our original full review found here and we hope you will take the extra minute or so to watch the short documentary too.

So a pretty hefty firmware update; the advanced RAW support and open platform make it a pretty exciting package. A full list of features can be found below, as well as a few less important updates and bug fixes.

SIGMA fp Firmware 2.0 – New Features

– Supporting cinemagraph creation and playback.
– CinemaDNG footages playback
– Supporting still capture during live view and movie shooting in Cine mode
– Supporting still image capture from movie files (CinemaDNG, MOV) shot with the SIGMA fp
– Supporting HDR in movie shooting
– Supporting still and movie shooting in Director’s Viewfinder mode
– Supporting DCI 4K 12bit / HDMI Raw output
– Supporting RAW over HDMI recording with Atomos Ninja V monitor-recorder*

* A free AtomOS firmware update for Ninja V is required.

– Supports recording Blackmagic RAW codec over HDMI with Blackmagic Video Assist 12G models*

* Requires firmware update of Video Assist 12G models using Video Assist Update 3.3.

– Camera movement control is compatible with ZHIYUN Weebill S gimbal.

* Firmware update of the corresponding device is required.
*Please refer to ZHIYUN firmware release information about functions supported. Since not all functions will be supported in this firmware update, both SIGMA and ZHIYUN will need to continue working on this to make more and more functions to be compatible in future firmware updates.

– Instruction message appears when attempting to use greyed-out items in SHOOT menu
– Supporting camera control in USB mode*

* The SDK (Software Development Kit) for controlling the camera is scheduled to be available by early July.


– Supporting Dual Base ISO (ISO100 and 3200)
– Improved AF performance
– Improved accuracy with evaluative exposure metering
– Improved image quality
– Supporting CinemaDNG 25 and 29.97 fps (UHD 12bit) shooting
– Supporting CinemaDNG 100 fps (FHD 12bit) shooting
– Supporting CinemaDNG 100 and 119.88 fps (FHD 8bit and 10bit) shooting
– “OFF” option available in Color mode
– Exposure adjustment available in QS (Quick Set)
– Tone control setting “Auto (Mild / Strong)” available during movie shooting
– Supporting USB Video Class (UVC) setting adjustments while the fp is connected to USB
– Supporting time code generation
– Compatible with BWF format
– Supporting file size changes at aspect ratio 7:6
– Supporting changes of shutter sound effect

Bug Fixes

– The phenomenon of flickering in dark areas in video footages has been corrected
– Bugs in USB Video Class (UVC) setting when connected to USB or during movie shooting have been corrected
– Improved recording stability with recording media
– Other minor bugs have been corrected

* To develop raw data (DNG files) from the SIGMA fp with firmware Ver. 2.00, the use of SIGMA Photo Pro 6.7.4 is required. Users need to update to SIGMA Photo Pro 6.7.4 when applying the fp ver.2.0 firmware update.

SIGMA fp firmware update 2.0 can be downloaded here.

If you own a SIGMA fp camera, how do you like working with it? Please share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.


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