SWIT FM-215HDR Monitor Firmware Update Released – Optimizes LUTs Upload and More

SWIT FM-215HDR Monitor Firmware Update Released - Optimizes LUTs Upload and More

At Cine Gear 2024, we got our first look at the SWIT 21.5” FM-215HDR field monitor with features that include 1920×1080 resolution, a 178° viewing angle, 1000 nits of maximum brightness, and much more. Now, SWIT has released Firmware Update V21.6.38R for the FM-215HDR monitor, which optimizes LUTs upload and introduces a de-squeeze function for anamorphic lenses. Let’s look at the details!

Recently, we’ve seen a few new products from SWIT, the Chinese electronics company that specializes in a variety of broadcast and film industry products. In April, they released the SWIT OMNI V-Mount batteries, and in March, we saw the CL-40D Compact Bi-color LED panel.  As for the SWIT 21.5” FM-215HDR, with the release of this firmware update, we should see even more functionality added to this field monitor.

SWIT FM-215HDR firmware update - Multiview display mode
Multiview display mode. Source: SWIT

A quick look at the FM-215HDR field monitor

The SWIT 21.5″ FM-215HDR field monitor is meant to be used on film sets and for live streaming. It features an advanced Quantum Dot LED (QD-LED) panel with a bright 1000 nits backlight and supports PQ/HLG/S-Log3 HDR monitoring. The monitor accommodates 4K input, including 12G-SDI 4K in and out, 4× 3G-SDI Quadlink 4K input, and HDMI 2.0 4K input. It comes with a flight case and screen protector. To really get into the details, check out our First Look video at Cine Gear this year.

Firmware version V21.6.38R – what it includes

  • Supports max 13 User Luts (*.cube) upload, support both 17x17x17 and 33x33x33 cubes
  • Adds Anamorphic De-squeeze function (1.33x/1.5x/1.66x/2x/1.33x mag/1.5x mag/1.66x mag/2x mag)
  • Adds Input Source selection in Fn keys
  • Adds Input range 64-1023
  • Optimized the adjust precision of RGB GAIN/BIAS and CBS
  • Optimized the PBP H/V setting menu
  • Optimized the default display position of the overlay charts
  • Optimized the default transparent of Waveforms

Here is a video from SWIT that will walk you through the update:

How to install the update. Source: SWIT

Price and availability

For more information on the SWIT FM-215HDR field monitor, have a look at their website. The firmware update V21.6.38R for the monitor is available now through this download link.

Do you use the SWIT FM-215HDR field monitor? If not, what monitor do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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