SWIT BM-U326MD Mini-LED 4K Monitor and CIMO V-mount Batteries Announced

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At IBC 2023, we visited the SWIT booth and had a look at their 31.5″ 4K-capable mini-LED flagship monitor which got upgraded with 4K ST2110 IP protocol. Also new at this year’s IBC was the CIMO series of V-mount batteries ranging from 98Wh up to 290Wh with USB and D-Tap outputs.

SWIT’s Marketing manager Nikolaus Yang showed us the BM-U326MD 4K monitor which they initially introduced at NAB this year, which now also features IP protocol.

8K-capable mini-LED HDR 4K monitor

The BM-326MD features a 4K UHD mini-LED panel with 2304 local dimming zones that result in a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio that is comparable with OLED screens. But in this case, the big advantage of mini-LED technology is the achievable peak brightness of 1500 nits. Those specs make this monitor HDR capable.

SWIT BM-U326MD monitor
SWIT BM-U326MD mini-LED 4K monitor. Image credit: CineD

Camera signals with up to 8K resolution (SQD or 2-SI) can be fed to the monitor using up to 4x 12G SDI inputs. There is also 1x HDMI 2.0 input and 4x SDI outputs. Up to 4 signals can be displayed at the same time in a multiview mode as well.

SWIT BM-U326MD SDI and HDMI in- and outputs
I/O on the SWIT BM-U326MD monitor. Image credit: CineD

What’s special about this model are the dual SFP LAN inputs on the monitor that allow for instant signal switching without latency in case of signal loss.

dual LAN ports on the side of the monitor for latency-free backup
Dual LAN ports for latency-free backup switching. Image credit: CineD

The monitor has an active cooling system which is required for such a capable panel. Power consumption is rated at 250 watts. As a result of that, there are no battery power options available.

CIMO V-mount battery series

Using feedback for their BIVO B-Mount batteries, SWIT has also introduced the new CIMO line of V-mount batteries. The CIMO batteries are available in 98Wh, 160Wh and 290Wh capacities.

SWIT CIMO V-Mount battery with status OLED display on the side
Status OLED on the side of the CIMO batteries. Image credit: CineD

The new design of the batteries places the convenient OLED screen that shows the charge level and other details on the side of the battery for better drop protection. Besides the standard V-mount battery interface, these batteries feature 2x D-Tap connectors (in & out), one USB-C port with up to 60W of power (input & output), and one USB-A port (5V, 2A).

USB-C and USB-A ports on the top of the SWIT CIMO battery
USB-A output and USB-C in/output on the top of the CIMO batteries. Image credit: CineD

What’s great about these higher-end CIMO batteries is the higher constant load capacity, compared to their regular V-mount batteries.

SWIT CIMO v-mount batteries with 98Wh, 160Wh and 290Wh lined up with specs
SWIT CIMO battery lineup with battery specs. Image credit: CineD

These higher load capacities are great when using powerful lights or even paired with newer cameras with monitors and wireless video transmitters attached.

Price and availability

The SWIT BM-326MD monitor is currently available for around €26,000 (around $27550).

SWIT CIMO V-mount batteries are available in the following configurations:

  • 98Wh (CIMO-98S)
  • 160Wh (CIMO-160S)
  • 290Wh (CIMO290S)

At the time of writing, there were no details about price or shipping available.

You can find more information as it becomes available on the manufacturer’s website.

What do you think about this SWIT HDR monitor? Do you already use an HDR monitor on set or in post-production? Do you have experience with SWIT V-mount batteries? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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