Tenba Skyline Range – Super Lightweight Shoulder Bags

Tenba Skyline Range - Super Lightweight Shoulder Bags

Looking for a super lightweight shoulder bag for your camera kit? The Tenba Skyline could be your answer – a wide range of sizes nearly 70% lighter than your average bag.

Tenba are well known within the camera bag industry; they have a huge collection of shoulder bags alone. From premium leather options, to modular ones, to now what maybe the lightest range out there.

There are 5 sizes – 7,8,10,12 and 13. Each Tenba Skyline bag is named by its respective numeric, the number relating to the exterior width of the bag in inches (rounded).

Two colours are currently available, grey and black.

Whilst the near 70% lighter figure is not an official stat from Tenba, I took a quick average of same sized bags from other manufactures (Ona, Peak Design, Think Tank etc) and surprisingly this is what we got.

For reference I took an average of 13” bags at 2.6lbs, the Tenba Skyline 13 is 0.88lbs.

That’s pretty impressive, and Tenba seem to achieve this by choosing weight saving options such as mesh side and inside pockets.

Despite the lightweight nature, the bags look very well made. I have a BYOB 13 from Tenba that I’m very happy with; it looks like the organizing aspect of the Skyline line are based around these.

The Tenba Skyline 7 is the smallest in the line, suitable for a single small camera body plus 1-2 lenses; it has room for a single divider and mesh pocket.

Features scale with size; a front pocket is present from the Tenba Skyline 10.

Looking at the features of the largest version, the Skyline 13, we are now in the 1-2 cameras with 4-5 lenses territory.
Two dividers split the deep large inside, 2 mesh pockets on the inside flap and organizer array inside the flap pocket for slim accessories.

The Tenba Skyline range will be great for travelling when you are very conscious of weight.

It will also help blur the line between that dilemma that consumers often get – “shall I bring the heavy camera bag with me? Or just travel light?”
Maybe now you no longer have to choose between the two.

What shoulder bag are you using and do you like it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.  

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