Video Review: JAG35 electronic FF – impressive with trade-offs

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The JAG35 electronic follow focus is a motorized focussing system that is controlled via a thumbunit.

After I had seen it at NAB this year and tested some similar products I wanted to take a closer look at this device which lies at one tenth the price of some of its competition while still delivering a working solution (with some trade-offs).

Buy it here: LINK

To get the exact package as seen in the video you will need the following items:
J2D or J3D motor*
LP-E6 battery plate
M1 thumb controller
12v powercable
3.5mm headphone jack cable
you might also need a D|gear or zip gear on your lens

In the video I’m using and this

What I didn’t mention in the video:
A good idea to prevent your motor from going past a hard stop on your lens is to set it up so the controllers starting point equals the inifity point (or close focus point if you’re working closer to this one) on your lens. The motor is very accurate and this way you’ll have at least one point the motor will not overshoot.

The noise test clip at 6:15 has not been edited for noice cancellation or such.

*About the motors:
The J2D is Digital, has metal internal gears, higher torque, faster speed, and it rotates the lens barrel 150° a good match for iris or zoom on Cinema Lenses. It also has the added feature of being able to be used on either side of the lens by swiveling the motor head. The J3D Is also Digital and designed for longer throw lenses like Zeiss CP2 and other PL cinema lenses. It rotates the lens barrel approximately 330°.

Thank to the guys at DigiRental Vienna for their friendly service and support:

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