RED Scarlet-X – Video Review

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Part 1/2 Touch it, feel it, a quick look at the exterior of a basic Scarlet-X shooting package.

Part 2/2 Basic operation, basic accessories for 15mma and 19mm support, switching to PL mount and Atomos Samurai disk recorder

In the first video I presented the following products by RED digital cinema:
– Scarlet-X Brain
– Canon EF Aluminum mount
– SSD Side Module
– 2x 64GB SSD’s
– Side Handle
– 4 RedVolt Batteries
– 2 Travel Chargers
– Red Station
– Red Pro Touch Lcd 5″

In the second video I present the following 3rd party accessories:
Many of these accessories are also available by RED and other manufacturers. I’ve contacted most of the manufacturers of 3rd party equipment. However Arri was the only company that was kind enough to lend me their stuff and most importantly provide it on time (2-5 weeks…). Their equipment is equally reliable, certainly this reliability comes at a slightly higher price.
I was not able to get my hands on an acceptable handheld rig solution. While I have received many promises none of the manufacturers delivered samples. I believe a good solution for handheld does not exist at this time or requires some DIY and a lot of assembly. We try to find such a solution in the buyers guide.
– Arri 15mm LW support.
– Arri MMB-2
– Arri MFF-2 (not MFF-1!)
TvLogic VFM-056W lcd
Wooden Camera UVF mount (with a diy construction to fit lcd)
Tokina 11-16mm lens
– Arri Bridgeplate BP-8
– Arri MatteBox MB-29
– Matser Prime 25mm T1.3
– Arri Follow Focus FF-5
Harddisk Recorder:
Atomos Samurai
BNC / HD-SDI cable

Note: The Atomos Samurai does not have a means to measure exposure yet. So unless there’s a way to see an exposure histogram for the Scarlet-X HD-SDI feed you can only judge correct Samurai recording exposure by judging what you see on the Samurai monitor.

Testing of the Scarlet-X:
Scarlet-X motion & grading video
Scarlet-X 2K vs 4K shootig: frame comparison
Scarlet-X sensor detail on a 28mm photo prime
Low light comparison between the RED Scarlet & Canon C300
Photos of the Scarlet-X
Lensport height problem explained

If this was helpful to you please don’t hesitate to send a little donation my way. I’m not getting paid by anyone to do this. Thanks!

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