XEEN 50mm Full Frame 2x Anamorphic Lens and New Primes Set Announced

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XEEN 50mm Full Frame 2x Anamorphic Lens and New Primes Set Announced

The robust cinema lens market has ballooned in the past decade thanks to the evolution of camera technology. Lenses that once cost a small fortune are now available for a fraction of the cost. Today, Samyang Optics announces new XEEN lenses to not only add new options for filmmakers but to heat up the competition.  

South Korean Samyang Optics is celebrating 50 years of turning sand into image capturing tools. While Samyang glass is used by a myriad of other brands and their designs are sold in North and South America under the Rokinon brand, that hasn’t stopped them from crafting their own lenses. With today’s announcement, Samyang adds one anamorphic lens and a set of three primes for full-frame cinema cameras.

The First Anamorphic

XEEN lenses have been around for some time. These budget-friendly cinema lenses have evolved for their distanced photography cousins. But in time, Samyang has made its tools into attractive options for budget-oriented productions. Now, they continue the journey with the introduction of their first-ever anamorphic lens. Rumors have circulated about Samyang’s anamorphic lens since 2018, but it’s taken a few years to see it come to fruition. 

Samyang XEEN 2x Anamorphic 50mm T2.3.
Samyang XEEN 2x Anamorphic 50mm T2.3. Image Credit: Samyang Optics

The XEEN Anamorphic 50mm is a hefty full-frame lens with a 2x squeeze. It will have a welcome T2.3 aperture consisting of 15 blades. The new lens features a 114mm non-rotating outer diameter made from carbon fiber and an ultra-bright luminous font that will help operators in dark environments. While Samyang states the lens will only be available in PL mount, there is talk of it having an interchangeable mount. 

Currently, there’s no price for the XEEN Anamorphic 50mm T2.3. But if the rumors are to be believed, Samyang hopes to achieve a price target that is 50% less than similar products. Today’s anamorphic lenses are priced from a few hundred to the price of a luxury car, so it’s hard to say where Samyang’s pricing will fall. 

XEEN anamorphic Specifications

The New Primes

In addition the Samyang’s first anamorphic lens, they are also releasing a new line of full-frame primes. The XEEN Meister line will be made with titanium and are offered in three focal lengths. The 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm will all have a blazing fast T1.3 with 13 aperture blades.

Samyang XEEN Meister Lens Kit
Samyang XEEN Meister Lens Kit. Image Credit: Samyang Optics

The new primes will be color-matched and are available in PL, Canon EF, and Sony E mount. The i/Technology protocol will be offered in the PL mount lenses. Each lens has 300° of focus rotation and an angled focus scale font for easy inspection of settings.

Samyang’s Meister line will support 8K capture and offer what they call X-coating technology. Both the lenses and internal light reflections can be controlled to create a distinctive look. This is said to include control over flare and ghosting for dramatic effects. How this will be implemented is to be seen, but it seems they’ve taken a page from the TRIBE7 and their BLACKWING7 line.

Additional information on XEEN website: Anamorphic lens, Prime lenses

XEEN 50mm Full Frame 2x Anamorphic Lens and New Primes Set
XEEN 50mm Full Frame 2x Anamorphic Lens and New Primes Set. Credit: Samyang Optics

Do You Need It?

Without more information, it’s impossible to say. We’ll have to see the lenses out in the wild before shooters can begin to make their own judgment calls. The XEEN anamorphic and Meister line will be available for inspection at the Micro Salon AIC in Rome and Madrid, so maybe we’ll have more concrete info soon. Till then, we’ll just have to pixel peep the pictures above. 

What do you think of this offering from Samyang? Would you have either of these lenses in your kit? Let us know in the comments!


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