Zacuto ACT Recoil Rig – Interview with Steve Weiss

During the cinema5D Virtual Show, we talked with Steve Weiss – co-founder of Zacuto – about their latest Zacuto ACT Recoil Rig. This new rigging solution for DSLR/Mirrorless camera is lightweight, robust, and Arca-Swiss compatible. Let’s take a closer look at it!

Zacuto ACT Recoil Rig – Image Credit: Zacuto

Zacuto ACT Recoil

Zacuto is an American company that has been making camera accessories since the Canon 5D Mark II era, more than a decade ago. For years, the Zacuto VCT -style Recoil rig has been a great piece of kit to put any large cinema camera on your shoulder. Otherwise, the VCT Recoil Rig was a bit large for smaller DSLR/Mirrorless cameras. To offer a more compact, lightweight, and cheaper alternative, Zacuto introduced the Zacuto ACT Recoil Rig in March 2020.

ACT Recoil rigs for DSLR and DSLM. Source: Zacuto

The Zacuto ACT Recoil Rig consist of six main components:

  • A camera cage. There is a universal cage, or various camera-specific cages for the Sony A7RIV, Panasonic S1H, Z CAM E2 Series, Blackmagic Pocket 4k/6k, Fuji X-T3, Nikon Z6/Z7. All the cages are Arca-Swiss compatible.
  • The ACT Baseplate. This is an Arca-Swiss compatible baseplate (top and bottom) with a built-in ultra-comfortable shoulder pad.
  • A Tactical Handle that you can mount on top of your rig or the side by rotating it. There is a NATO rail on top of the handle as well as multiple 1/4-20″ screw holes, two cold-shoe mounts, and a 15mm rod port. This is one of the most versatile NATO handles on the market.
  • The Axis Micro EVF mount, which is a slim-down version of their Axis Mini EVF Mount. This little arm allows you to quickly mount and adjust the position of your EVF where you want on your rig.
  • The ACT EVF Pro viewfinder. This 3.5″ LCD features a flip-up loupe and is HDMI only. It is not the best EVF on the market for sure, but it’s free with the rig.
  • A Right Trigger Grip. This single-handle attaches to any 15mm rod and can be adjusted quickly with only one push of a button, thanks to the Zacuto quick-adjust joint.

If you don’t want or need a cage around your camera, a cageless option is also available, which includes the Zacuto Axis Curve. This little curved piece of metal attaches to a 15mm rod and allows you to mount your EVF onto your rig.


Image credit: Zacuto

Price and Availability

The Zacuto ACT Recoil is a versatile system that you can buy as an entire rig, starting at $850.00/€860.00 for the Zacuto ACT Basic Recoil Rig. Also, there are camera-specific bundles that retail for $1450.00/€1475.00. Lastly, if you don’t need all the components, you can buy each part individually.

What do you think about the Zacuto ACT Recoil Rig system? Do you already have their original VCT-style Recoil Rig? What shoulder rig do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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