Zacuto Trigger Grips – Ergonomic and Quickly Adjustable Grips for Both Hands

Zacuto Trigger Grips - Ergonomic and Quickly Adjustable Grips for Both Hands

Easily adjustable Trigger Grips now compliment Zacuto’s extensive system of shoulder rigs.

Zacuto is well established as a maker of quality camera rigs and accessories. They have long been pursuing a Betacam-esque approach to camera ergonomics, shifting the center of gravity as close as possible to a point directly above the operator’s shoulder.

This balancing act, however, require a system of hand grips that allows for a strong and well positioned grasp of the whole rig, but without adding too much front weight to the system. Zacuto’s Trigger Grips, now available for both hands, are their latest attempt to meet this need.

The Trigger Grips consist of a 15mm rod-mounted block and two arms with hinges at the “shoulder” and “wrist,” which are adjustable via the quick press of a tab or “trigger.” These arms extend and retract, and also allow for twisting to get the right grip angle.

Two Main Design Goals

There are two primary design goals apparent in the Trigger Grips. The first is flexible, multi-axis adjustment that is simple enough that a solo operator can safely complete it with one free hand.

The Zacuto Trigger Grips approach this through rosette-like hinge points that instantly disengage when a “trigger” is depressed, and then re-engage when it is released.

The second design goal is the ability to quickly deploy the Trigger Grips when needed, and then to swing them out of the way when setting the camera down, storing it in a bag, etc.

To pull this off, the Trigger Grips are designed to swing directly upward, compacting the whole rig and revealing a flat bottom surface.

Versions and Compatibility

The Zacuto Trigger Grips are available in two versions, the full size product and the Shorty Trigger Grips. While the shorties come exclusively with simple wooden handles, the full size setup must be ordered with the appropriate Relocator for your camera’s OEM right hand grip.

This is necessary because manufacturers use different mounting systems to attach their hand grips. If and when you want to use the system with another camera, you can purchase another relocator and continue using the rest of grip system. If desired, wooden grips can be ordered for both hands.

Zacuto Relocator for Sony FS5 Handgrip

For our European readers, these products can now be pre-ordered as part of Zacuto Recoil kits for the Canon C300 MKII and Panasonic EVA 1.

To get a sense of how this product works, check out Zacuto’s announcement video below.

Zacuto have sent us the Trigger Grips for testing, so stay tuned for a hands-on review. 

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