3 affordable Jib’s

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Jibs are your friend if you’re a one man show kind of production but still want pro looking camera movement. Lucky you: The HDSLR revolution brought tons of new gear into the market. While I must admit a lot of the gear we see is trash there are also very nice and cool things out there now. Like ultra affordable, lightweight and foldable Jib’s. Here are three units I found nice:

The DSLR-DEVICES Micro Crane
– Fits into your pocket (eh I mean onto your backpack)
– very lightweight
– set up in seconds
– always out of stock
Made in the UK, costs $330. Buy here

The Jib from Turkey [UPDATED]
– We received this jib and had bad experience on quality and warranty with the manufacturer. Also this jib is very heavy compared to others. No recommendation.
– Camevra is the name of this small company, they have several products, Jib is the newest addition.
– Head is mechanically controllable
– Therefore a little more expensive among the affordables
About 5ft and costs $500. Buy here

The ebay Crane
– Probably the most affordable Jib that works
– seems well made
– They have different lengths, 4ft seems cool.
The 4ft version is $160.

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