60D or T3i / 600D – which hdslr should you buy? [UPDATED]

Well, the short answer is: Buy the T3i.

Dave Dougdale did this nice comparison video between two cameras that are almost identical in terms of movie recording.

One of Dave’s reasons to go for the T3i was the price difference of $100. But I give you a better reason: The price difference is $200.
But not only that, the video quality is identical as many people agree and on a sidenote even the output of the pricier 7D is virtually indistinguishable from 60D and T3i/600D, but you’re welcome to convince me otherwise.
[UPDATE] A unique feature of the T3i over the 60D is the 3x zoom feature, explained here. (Thanks JaySquared Media)

If you’re a photographer and you don’t mind paying another $200 on a faster shutter, why don’t you get a 7D, you seem to have the bucks. If you’re into video and you’re looking at the T3i, you’re probably working on a budget so I say spend that extra money where it really counts: Get good lenses (!!!), there are some affordable kickass manual primes (also in Europe), get a better tripod, with a fluid head, an audio recorder with mics and a rig to stabilize your handheld work and make that footage look ok.

Some other advantages of the 60D:
– battery lasts longer and is more universal (LP-E6)
– better sealing against nature.
– a dial at the back.

In the US:
The Canon T3i is currently $550
The Canon 60D is currently $799

In Europe:
The Canon 600D is currently 720€
The Canon 60D is currently around 900€

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