Accsoon CineEye 2 & CineEye 2 Pro Wireless Video Transmitters, Explained

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Adam Duan from Accsoon explained to us all about the new CineEye 2 Pro wireless video transmission system that comes with both TX and RX units. It can transfer 1080p60 video signal with an impressive maximum range of 1200′ (365m) line-of-sight and low latency. The system uses features like dual-band transmission, bitrate control, and pairing knobs. CineEye 2 Pro is available for $599.

In 2019, the Chinese company Accsoon made headlines when they presented the affordable HDMI wireless video transmitter called CineEye. It enabled low-latency video streaming to multiple mobile devices. We found the CineEye really interesting and talked with the creators at NAB 2019 – if you missed the resulting article and video, you can check it out here. Recently, Accsoon released the second generation of the device called CineEye 2 Pro. Nino talked with the Accsoon representative Adam Duan to find out more about CineEye transmitters.

CineEye 2 Pro. Source: Accsoon

Brief History of Accsoon CineEye

The idea of creating an affordable, compact, low-latency wireless video transmission system started in 2018 with the Accsoon A1 Pro which was built into the company’s gimbal stabilizer. Based on the good feedback for the system, Accsoon decided to bring a standalone device – the original CineEye. The company also wanted to take advantage of good quality screens that people already have in their pockets – mobile phones – and that’s why CineEye did not come with a receiver.

Next came the CineEye Air which was the same device, but in a smaller body without the internal battery. It was meant for gimbals where weight really matters.

Accsoon CineEye. Image credit: CineD

Some smartphones, however, had trouble connecting to the CineEye as there are many different types and frequency regulations in different areas. Based on the feedback from their users that required more controls and more stability, Accsoon released the new generation wireless video transmission system – CineEye 2 and CineEye 2 Pro.

Accsoon CineEye 2

CineEye 2. Source: Accsoon

The Accsoon 2 has a similar design as the original Accsoon, but it features an OLED screen that can tell more about the device status and it has more physical buttons for additional controls. There are new functions like HDMI loop out and port for camera control. When it comes to power, the device accepts NPF batteries or DC-input (7.4-16.8V) from D-tap for instance. The CineEye 2 still comes without a receiver and can only stream to smart devices.

CineEye 2 and the original CineEye. Source: Accsoon

Accsoon CineEye 2 Pro

The Accsoon CineEye 2 Pro includes all the features from the standard CineEye 2 and it adds some more. It is more like a standard wireless video transmission system that comes with both a transmitter and receiver unit. It can, however, still send a video signal to smart devices as well.

The device can transfer 1080p60 video signal with an impressive maximum range of 1200′ (365m) line-of-sight and low latency. For a robust image transfer, the system uses features like dual-band transmission and bitrate control. There are also easy pairing knobs on both TX and RX.

CineEye 2 Pro. Source: Accsoon

The Dual-Band transmission system included in the CineEye 2 Pro tries to solve the problem of interference in busy areas by using both 5GHz (for main video stream) and 2.4GHz (for redundancy video stream) networks. Both units also have four large antennas for a more robust connection.

CineEye 2 Pro. Source: Accsoon

Bitrate control enables users to set the image quality between three settings – HQ (6-8.5Mbps), Normal (4-6Mbps), and Speed (3-4Mbps). Accsoon claims that even with HQ, the latency will stay below 16ms. The lower bitrate should perform better for longer distances and busy areas with a lot of interference.

Accsoon Go App Upgrades

Accsoon Go App. Source: Accsoon

Accsoon Go Android and the iOS app have plenty of features such as focus peaking, histogram, waveform, RGB parade, anamorphic de-squeeze, LUTs, etc. The tools now have separate pages to make them better organized. The UI got a new design to make everything easier and not overwhelming for the user.

Price and Availability

The Accsoon CineEye 2 Pro is already available for purchase. The price has been set to $599 (around €499 plus VAT in Europe). The standard Accsoon CineEye 2 is also available for a very affordable $249 (around €207 plus VAT in Europe).

As Adam told us, there is a new SDI version of the CineEye transmitter coming very soon.

What do you think about the Accsoon CineEye 2 Pro and the Accsoon CineEye 2? Did you use the original CineEye? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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