Accusonus ERA v5.1 Launched – End of Year Sale

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Accusonus ERA v5.1 Launched – End of Year Sale

Accusonus has just released an update to its famous one-knob audio correction plugins: Accusonus ERA v5.1. This update now allows you to resize the Audio Cleanup Assistant’s graphical interface. You can re-order the ERA tools inside the Audio Clean-Up Assistant, and they fixed numerous bugs and some performance improvement. To make things even better, Accusonus is having an end of year sale where you can save up to 40% per month for one year on the Creator Suite.

Accusonus ERA plugins are one-knob plugins made for filmmakers and content creators who want to quickly repair and improve their projects’ audio quality, easily and without any special knowledge about audio post-production.

Earlier this year, they introduced their latest ERA 5 plugins that we covered here. The team continued to work hard, and they just released an Accusonus ERA v5.1 update that further improves the plugins.

Accusonus ERA v5.1 update

The Accusonus ERA v5.1 update includes numerous changes and improvements:

  • The Audio Cleanup Assistant’s graphical interface is now resizable.
  • You can now quickly re-order the ERA tools inside the Audio Clean-Up Assistant using the re-order handle found above each slot. All your processing settings will remain untouched.
  • If you’re starting with ERA 5, the Audio Clean-Up Assistant and Voice autoEQ have now improved guiding tips.
  • Improved resizing experience for all plug-ins in standard-resolution screens.
  • Finally, the team fixed various bugs and performance improvements.

The Accusonus ERA v5.1 installers are available to download now on Accusonus’ website.

Image credit: Accusonus

End of Year Sale

Accusonus ERA 5 Bundle Standard, Pro, and SFX Cellar are all available now. Recently, the company switched most of its plans to monthly/annual subscription packs.

Accusonus is currently having an end of year sale that ends on December 31st, 2020. If you purchase your plan before this date, you’ll get up to 40% off the annual subscription price for one year.

The Creator Suite that includes 9 plugins – Noise Remover, Reverb Remover, Voice Leveler, De-Clipper, De-Esser, Plosive Remover, ERA Voice AutoEQ, ERA Voice Deepener, and ERA Audio Clean-Up Assistant – and the SFX Cellar Premium collection is $5.99/month instead of $9.99/month.

Of course, you can still download and try every plugin for free to see if they work for you. We’re currently working on reviewing these plugins at CineD, so stay tuned for our in-depth test of the ERA 5 audio correction tools.

For more information, please visit Accusonus’ website here.

Did you already try the ERA 5 plugins? What do you think about this Accusonus ERA v5.1 update? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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