Adobe Premiere Pro 23.0 Released – ARRI ALEXA 35 Support and Performance Improvements

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Adobe Premiere Pro 23.0 Released – ARRI ALEXA 35 Support and Performance Improvements

During Adobe MAX 2022, the company launched the latest version of its famous non-linear editing software: Adobe Premiere Pro 23.0. This new version now supports ARRIRAW and ProRes files from the ARRI ALEXA 35. Also, it has some new graphics/title features, while most updates are performance improvement oriented. Adobe After Effects has also been updated with native H.264 encoding, a new selectable Track Mattes feature, and general performance improvements. So let’s take a closer look at everything new!

Adobe continues to improve its software on a very regular basis. Indeed, less than a month ago, Adobe Premiere Pro 22.6 introduced new graphic tools and Audio Auto-Ducking features.

Then, during Adobe MAX 2022, the company released its latest major version: Adobe Premiere Pro 23.0.

Image credit: Adobe

Adobe Premiere Pro 23.0 – what’s new?

You win some, you lose some: let’s start talking about this Adobe Premiere Pro 23.0 update by saying goodbye to the Legacy Titler. Indeed, Adobe has warned users for a long time that the Essential Graphics panel would replace the good old title tool we knew for decades.

Image credit: Adobe

Talking about the Essential Graphics panel, this is what most Adobe Premiere Pro 23.0 updates are about, including:

  • Inner and outer strokes for graphics: you’ll now find inner/centered/outer strokes for more text control
  • Flexible alignment controls: text and shape elements are now easy to align with one click in the Premiere Pro Program Monitor
  • Bulk edit titles on the timeline: you can select multiple title clips in the sequences and apply changes like font/font size/color/background to all clips simultaneously. This will save you a lot of time when a client asks for a change on your edit.

Furthermore, Adobe Premiere Pro 23.0 now supports ARRI ALEXA 35 (Lab Test here) ARRIRAW and ProRes files. Lastly, on Apple Silicon Macs, you’ll have AAF support, a long-time feature only available in Premiere Pro in Rosetta mode.

Image credit: Adobe

Performance improvements

The successive significant changes in Adobe Premiere Pro 23.0 are under the hood and focused on performance improvements:

  • According to Adobe, 10-bit AVC Intra formats are now up to 2x faster on Apple Silicon Macs, thanks to GPU acceleration
  • GPU acceleration for Lumetri scopes
  • Premiere Pro 23.0 will now use Apple ProRes 422 LT as the default codec for sequence rendering on both Mac and Windows computers
  • Motion Graphics templates from After Effects should now render 2x faster in Premiere Pro thanks to Multi-Frame Rendering
Image credit: Adobe

New After Effects features

Adobe After Effects also benefits from a couple of new features, including:

  • Selectable Track Mattes: previously, you had to create individual mattes for each layer to be matted. Now, with Selectable Track Mattes, you can apply one matte to as many layers as you want, regardless of where each layer sits in the layer stack.
  • 50 new animation presets for text and animated/design elements
  • Focused key frame navigation with new commands allows you to focus on the key frames for specific properties or layer
  • Native H.264 encoding with hardware acceleration.
After Effects’ Selectable Track Matte feature. Image credit: Adobe

Also, After Effects Beta has new features, including 3D Model Import, Properties Panel, and OpenColorIO/ACES color management.

Price and availability

If you already have an active Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, you should now be able to update to Adobe Premiere Pro 23.0 and the latest After Effects version. If you’re new to Premiere Pro, you can purchase a 1-year plan from B&H for $239.88.

For more information, please visit Adobe’s website here.

What do you think about all these Adobe software updates? Do you still use Premiere Pro/After Effects, or did you switch to another software? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!


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