Angelbird / Kondor Blue Recording Module for iPhone 15 Pro Series – A Closer Look

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As you may already know, Angelbird and Kondor Blue released a recording module for iPhone 15 Pro and Max, which is compatible with USB-C and MagSafe and supports either CFexpress Type B or SD Cards. At NAB 2024, Nino Leitner was able to take a closer look and observe it in action. What are the main advantages of this recording module for iPhone 15? Let’s find out!

Basically, it’s a card reader that connects to your phone letting you record directly from it to an external media, as Roman Rabitsch from Angelbird explains. At the same time, this recording module has more features than you might expect at first sight.

Versatility and usability of Angelbird’s recording module for iPhone 15

First of all, it comes in two variants: either for SD or CFexpress Type B cards. The recording module itself can go up to 20 Gb/s, ensuring uninterrupted data transfer. Its setup is small and neat: to connect it to your iPhone, you don’t need an extra cage because it is compatible with a MagSafe mount.

Recording Module for iPhone 15 Pro Series by Angelbird and Kondor Blue - the small setup
The Angelbird / Kondor Blue Recording Module for iPhone. Image credit: CineD

Although the company’s target group for this product was users of the latest iPhone series, the module is also compatible with Androids or cameras that have a USB-C recording option. Additionally, you can rig it using other pre-designed mounting points, including ARRI standard 3mm anti-twist pins.

Recording Module for iPhone 15 Pro Series by Angelbird and Kondor Blue - different mounting possibilities
The Magsafe side of the adapter with mounting points. Image credit: CineD

What’s also quite user-friendly about this product is that you don’t need a separate reader – it allows users to record the data and then use the same module to transfer it to a laptop or PC whenever your shoot is over. 

Unlocking the ProRes Log at 4K 60p

Of course, you can also use Angelbird’s recording module to simply store and transfer other files, which can be a pain in the neck for iPhone owners. However, Roman from Angelbird showed us another unlocked feature, which is relevant for filmmakers. Through the module, you can now record on iPhone 15 Pro and Max in the ProRes Log 4K 60p, which is only possible externally.

Recording Module for iPhone 15 Pro Series by Angelbird and Kondor Blue - unlocking ProRes 4K 60p
Image credit: CineD

To access more features, Roman suggests using the Blackmagic Camera app (we wrote about it here and here). But even if you use your standard camera application, the recording module works without a problem. Plus, it only takes seconds to connect. If you want to see the product in action, watch our NAB video above.

What cards can you use with it?

For SD options, Roman recommends considering V90 cards (especially if you want to record in full resolution). V60 also works fine with the recording module, but the V90 Video Speed Class is a faster and safer choice for the future (because we never know what Apple or other camera manufacturers will come up with next, so it’s better to have a more robust solution at hand).

Regarding CFexpress Type B, Angelbird’s team believes that it’s the future for at least the next five years. They’ve noticed a trend where many camera distributors are adopting this standard instead of exclusively promoting their own solutions. This is great for customers because it leads to democratization and unification instead of creating even more types of cards in our storage drawers.

Angelbird’s mission

Angelbird is an Austrian manufacturer that focuses on providing industry professionals with camera-specific media cards and storage solutions. However, it is more than just selling products to individual shooters or production companies. As Roman explains, for Angelbird it’s important to give full service: from pre-sell consulting to support in data recovery, if something goes wrong. (This is free of charge, by the way, and not something you get when you buy a random SD card online).

Customers can experience glimpses of this mission on Angelbird’s webpage, where you might find, for example, a camera compatibility list. But also, it’s important to know you can always approach the team and ask them what will work best for your specific project beforehand.

Price and availability

Angelbird’s recording module for the iPhone 15 series costs $99.99 (for both variants – CFexpress Type B and SD cards). It is available in two colors – raven black and space gray – for worldwide shipping.

Have you tried out this recording module for iPhone 15 Pro and Max? What do you think about its speed and capability? Would you consider buying it, and in which case? Please, share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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