Anton/Bauer Releases new Battery Brackets, Chargers, and Converters

Anton/Bauer Releases new Battery Brackets, Chargers, and Converters

Anton/Bauer announced new Micro Battery Brackets for RED Komodo (single battery) and Sony FX9 (dual battery) along with new Micro Battery Chargers and 26V to 14V Adapters. All the new products come in two versions – for V-Mount as well as Gold Mount.

The US-based company Anton/Bauer – a part of the Vitec Group – has always been focusing on powering solutions for cinematographers. In September 2020 they released a series of new batteries – Titon Micro, Base, and GO 90. The company recently announced a few interesting new products, so let’s take a short look at them.

Micro Battery Brackets

There are two new micro battery brackets (battery plates) from Anton/Bauer. One is for the RED Komodo and the other one was designed for the Sony FX9. Both models feature a V-Mount version as well as a Gold Mount version.

Micro Battery Bracket for RED Komodo. Source: Anton/Bauer

The RED Komodo Battery Bracket allows powering the camera either with a single micro Gold-Mount or micro V-Mount battery pack. The bracket mounts to the camera directly via the two Canon BP slots at the back of its body for secure connection and compact size. To power the camera, the bracket features a LEMO connecting cable. On top of that, there are also two P-Tap outlets to power accessories. What I find nice, is that the position of the battery can be changed between horizontal and vertical to suit different needs. The weight of the battery bracket is 208g and its dimensions are 96 x 83.30 x 30.20mm.

Dual Battery Bracket for Sony FX9 – V-Mount. Source: Anton/Bauer

The Anton/Bauer Dual Micro Bracket for the Sony FX9 can accommodate, as the name implies, two micro battery packs. The custom-designed aluminum mount attaches to the Extension Unit Connector on the top of the camera providing a secure platform to mount Micro V-Mount or Gold Mount batteries directly to the camera. The bracket steps up the output to the required 19.5V DC and delivers power to the camera via the DC-In port.

Dual Battery Bracket for Sony FX9 – Gold Mount. Source: Anton/Bauer

The quick-hinge design retains access to the camera’s internal BPU battery compartment allowing continuous shooting by hot-swapping internal and external batteries. There are four integrated P-Tap ports to power additional accessories. A digital fuse monitors the current to provide protection to the camera and external devices. The weight of the bracket is 349g and its dimensions are 76.2 x 177.80 x 44.40mm.

Micro Battery Chargers

The Anton/Bauer VM4 and GM4 are the new compact 4-position chargers for Micro V-Mount or Gold Mount batteries. The charger can either charge four micro-batteries, or two regular-sized V-Mounts or Gold Mounts. According to Anton/Bauer, lithium-ion batteries, like the Anton/Bauer Titon Micro 90 (94Wh 10A) charge in approximately 3 hours. The XLR4 output converts AC to DC (16.7VDC 4.5A) power when charging or can be used to deliver battery power to devices that only have an XLR input.

VM4 and GM4 Charger. Source: Anton/Bauer

The charger includes an intelligent safety technology that constantly monitors all devices and will automatically stop charging if a fault is detected or any attached battery reaches an overvoltage condition. A built-in fan ensures cooling the charger for good performance. The slim profile of the charger is good for transportation – it weighs 1kg and has dimensions of 235 x 57 x 140mm.

Gold Mount+ 26V Converter to 14V

26V to 14V Converter. Source: Anton/Bauer

The new converter allows for Anton/Bauer 26V Gold Mount Plus Batteries to be used on cameras, lights, and accessories that are rated at 14V. Like all the other new products, the converter comes in two versions – for V-Mount or Gold Mount battery mounts. The 2x P-Tap ports deliver power to run additional accessories. This converter also has a digital resettable fuse and includes a status indicator.

Price and Availability

All the new Anton/Bauer products can be pre-ordered now. The prices have been set as follows:

  • RED Komodo Battery Bracket (V-Mount/Gold Mount) costs $199.50 / around €172 plus VAT in Europe
  • Sony FX9 Dual Micro Bracket (V-Mount/Gold Mount) costs $427.50 / around €376 plus VAT in Europe
  • VM4/GM4 4-Position Battery Charger (V-Mount/Gold Mount) costs around $425 / around €376 plus VAT in Europe
  • Gold Mount+ 26V Converter to 14V (V-Mount/Gold Mount) costs $331.55 / around €290 plus VAT in Europe

What do you think of the new Anton/Bauer products? Is there something you consider getting for your kit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section underneath the article.

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