Apple wants you – New MacBook Pro is built for HD editing

Edit up to four streams of uncompressed 8-bit 1080p HD video.

I didn’t think I’d post about the Apple keynote that was held today, but they just announced and released the ultimate editing machine, a laptop that trashes most desktop PC’s, presented in a video that is brainwash-grade well made and heavily targets the indie filmmaker and all kinds of HDSLR shooters.

I must admit I can’t stand to hear “the best … we’ve ever built” anymore. Anyway here are the most interesting specs:

– 15″ LED Retina Display Resolution: 2880×1800 px
– Fast 500GB flash hardddrive (500MBps)
– 2 Thunderbolt, 2 USB 3.0 connectors
– Fast GPU (Graphics) & CPU
– can add 2 additional 2560×1600 screens
– hdmi connector
– lighter and thinner than the 13″ MBP

With a very strong emphasis on video editing Apple shows off that their new Macbook Pro is really powerful while at the same time being extremely portable.

The possibility to edit at Full HD resolution on a 15″ screen and still have room for the timeline and other windows in Final Cut is not only intriguing, it opens up a new kind of convenience for the editors among us, freeing us from our editing cage, provided you have accepted iMovie Pro of course. I’m sure Premiere will do just as good though.

When I see these Apple product ads I’m always surprised about how well they work. I think any commercial filmmaker can learn something here, not by imitating it (like I did once), but by seeing how they created a wonderfully simplistic video around an Apple product by establishing strong and clear limits and rules to their creation and how they drive this style to perfection, just like the Apple products themselves.

What do you think about these videos as a source of inspiration? Even though they’ve long overdone it I think they do a very good job at getting these ads right and making a great, enjoyable sales pitch.

Talking about the sales pitch, yes you can already buy the new MacBook Pro. B&H confirmed it will start shipping in the next couple of days.
It’s $2200:

There’s a version with for $2800

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