Artlist Gets a Fresh User Interface, More Tracks & Advanced Search Features

Artlist Gets a Fresh User Interface, More Tracks & Advanced Search Features

The guys behind Artlist, a subscription-based music licensing platform, have been thinking about how to streamline the search for that perfect track, and have developed a completely redesigned user interface for their platform. They also added hundreds of fresh tracks.

A fancy workstation and a decent NLE is only half the battle for your post-production workflow. You will most likely need some suitable music for your editing and the search for that perfect track is probably very time-consuming.

The New Artlist

Let’s face it: Searching for music that fits your story (and edit) perfectly is a pain. So providers of music licensing platforms are working hard to tinker with their search routines so that you can find rather than search. Artlist has now rolled out the latest update to the platform, which sports a completely revamped UI, new search features based on multiple tags, artist pages and much more. Check out the official video for a full rundown:

Before we look at the new features, let’s talk about pricing. If you’re unfamiliar with Artlist, you might be surprised that this is not a pay-per-track-and-usecase service. It’s way more simple: You pay $199/year and you can download whatever you want. All the tracks are cleared for private and commercial use and they are also pre-checked for Youtube monetization.

New Features

There are quite a few new features, not to mention the completely new user interface, which looks streamlined and pretty cool, indeed.

  • Similar song and album feature
  • Artist Pages
  • Spotlight Collections
  • Song version lists
  • A new music panel

The best new feature is undoubtedly the display of similar songs and albums based on your search results. That could be a real time saver!

Each artist now has his/her own dedicated artist page. From there you can explore other works of that artist or browse through artists with a similar style. Furthermore, the team behind Artlist has put together so-called spotlight collections based on themes and styles. These can be a good starting point on your hunt for that perfect piece of music.


From the beginning, Artlist was and is $199/year all-in. If you are not sure if it suits your needs, you can sign up for a free trial that gives you access to the entire catalogue. You can also download preview tracks and see if they blend in nicely with your edit.

Links: Website | previous coverage on cinema5D

One thing that’s still on the list of many (including me) is a dedicated app for browsing the Artlist catalogue on-the-go in style. That way you could add potential tracks to your wishlist, take notes, preselect artists etc. Maybe that’s the next big thing for Artlist? We shall see!

Do you use Artlist (or any other music licensing service)? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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