Atomos Ninja V Gets AtomOS 10.51 Firmware – Adds Z CAM Controls

Atomos Ninja V Gets AtomOS 10.51 Firmware - Adds Z CAM Controls

The new free AtomOS 10.51 for Ninja V is available now. The firmware update further improves the UI and workflow, and Z CAM E2 series users get extended camera control via the Ninja V touchscreen.

Roughly two weeks ago we already informed you about the firmware update 10.5 for the Ninja V. This update enabled the 5″ monitor-recorder from Atomos with the ability to control various settings of Z CAM cameras. Atomos now announced further free firmware update AtomOS 10.51 for the Ninja V which further extends the Z CAM control ability. Let’s take a short look at what’s new.

AtomOS 10.51 Update for Ninja V

The new Z CAM navigation updates include:

  • Bring up the Z CAM menu display from the Ninja V touchscreen via the camera control menu. Note: camera control menu is not possible when recording RAW via HDMI.
  • Navigate the camera menu with Menu, Arrow and Enter keys directly via the Ninja V touch screen as well as via the on-camera buttons.
  • A function added in the Ninja V record menu to force menus to remain active in cases where recording menu and display information is required.

Support was added to the AtomHDR engine for Z Cam Zlog2 Gamma when recording video output for recording in ProRes or DNx. HLG and PQ monitoring modes allow for the extended dynamic range to be expanded beyond the 6 stop limit of Rec.709 without the need for exposure compensation. Native mode allows for a view of Zlog2 in its native compressed LOG form. Existing Zlog2 3D LUTs can be allied with this input for viewing. Rec.709 applies a conversion Rec.709 and will show clipped highlights. LUT monitoring option allows you to apply your chosen 3D LUT to the image for monitoring. The LUT will also be applied to the waveform trace, can be burnt into the recording and/or looped out.

Zlog2 is output and recorded in Full range and your NLE workflow should be set to match this. The legalize option can be applied to LOG if your NLE workflow requires Legal range footage. When using this workflow HLG and PQ monitoring functions are not available. If using 3D LUTs with this workflow, ensure the input range of the LUT is defined as legal.

Ninja V AtomOS firmware update 10.51 for Z CAM control released. Source: Atomos

Furthermore, a Battery Capacity Warning has been added. Separate pop up menu will warn of low battery capacity on either camera or Ninja V.

AtomOS 10.51 firmware fixes:

  • Refinement of waveform graticules for monitoring in Rec.709, HLG and PQ modes.
  • Fixed issue where the top information bar may report an incorrect monitor mode of LUT.
  • Changed the naming convention of AtomX SYNC devices.
  • Improvements to the performance of file browser when in playback mode.
  • Improved the compatibility of the AutoHDR function in AtomHDR which could cause the Ninja V to intermittently freeze

Atomos also released new video tutorials on its Youtube channel. The first one shows the ProRes RAW camera control set-up guide with the Z CAM E2 series and Ninja V.

The other tutorial shows the Z CAM ProRes RAW SDR Workflow in Final Cut Pro X.

The free AtomOS 10.51 firmware update can be downloaded free of charge on Atomos website.

What do you think about the ProRes RAW workflow with the Z CAM and Ninja V? Do you use the Ninja V or Z CAM cameras for your work? Let us know in the comments below the article.

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