BAUBAX 2.0 – The Ultimate Filmmakers Jacket?

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BAUBAX 2.0 - The Ultimate Filmmakers Jacket?

There’s a new traveler’s jacket from BAUBAX which has become very successful on Kickstarter. It comes in different designs and promises a lot of features and storage possibilities. Could it be any good especially for filmmakers?

BAUBAX 2.0 Jacket. Source: BAUBAX Kickstarter

BAUBAX 2.0 is a second generation travel jacket created by US company BAUBAX. The first generation was very successful: backers pledged over $9M on Kickstarter. The company has since then made some improvements and added features. Their new jacket, the BAUBAX 2.0, now sports 25 features and 4 different styles – vest, windbreaker, bomber and sweatshirt. They offer both designs for men and women and an option to choose from few colours.

The jacket has already been completely overfunded on Kickstarter but there are still 30 days left to get it for around $130,- depending on the design.

The BAUBAX 2.0 jacket is primarily marketed as a perfect traveling companion. By having so many pockets and integrated features it’s perfect for long travels. In particular it should offer more comfort while flying and undergoing all the neccessary procedures like long waits and security controls (as displayed in BAUBAX promotional video).

As filmmakers we travel often for our work as well, which is why I think we are a good target group for this product (I especially like the integrated neck pillow and eye cover). I took a second look on the jacket’s design though and selected few particularly useful features. In my opinion the following features of the BAUBAX 2.0 might be especially appealing for the filmmakers community:

  • The integrated (half-)gloves could be practical for colder environments but also for controling small buttons, dials and touchscreeens as they don’t cover fingertips. And you always have them with you and can’t lose of forget them, so that’s a plus. That fact alone could come in handy for lots of filmmakers. However, these “gloves” don’t look like they are very warm in extremely cold weather, so they should be considered back-up gloves only.
  • The drink pockets can set both hands free very quickly if you need to put a lens away that you hold in your hand, for instance not to miss a good shot when in a run-and-gun situation.
  • The integrated microfibre cloth can be used for occasional lens or display wiping and since it is connected with the jacket it will not get lost so easily. On the other hand the bond between jacket and the cloth could be quite limiting when it comes to lens or display wiping.
  • Last but not least I think the integrated keychain could be a useful feature too as it could hold not only keys, but maybe a small tool which filmmaker needs all the time (for example a screwdriver, a leatherman or similar tool). With the provided strap it would always be ready to use in the jacket’s pocket.

I feel it is neccessary to say that if you are not an Apple user, you will not be able to use all of the jacket’s features as some of them seem especially designed for their products.

Jacket should start shipping in August 2018. If you are interested in checking it out and get one, go ahead to the campaign website.

Do you also think this jacket could be useful for filmmakers? Can you think of more specific advantages for our community? Let us know in the comments below.

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