BB&S Reflect Remote Phosphor Lights Introduced

BB&S introduced their new Reflect series of lights that are based on remote phosphor technology. Their lights feature very good skin color rendition and strong output in a compact and lightweight package. We caught up with Toby Sali, who gave us an introduction to their Reflect lights.

BB&S Lighting is known for their tradition in remote phosphor lighting solutions, mainly for studios and movie stages. This year they are back with the new Reflect series of lights which features even better TLCI and color rendition.

Remote Phosphor

BB&S Reflect Remote Phosphor lights
BB&S Reflect Bi-Color System. Image credit: BB&S

BB&S has been building remote phosphor lights for 10 years. Remote phosphor technology consists of blue LEDs behind a phosphor plate. The new Reflect series features 10% more efficient blue LEDs that are very color accurate with a TLCI of up to 97, resulting in a 99% skin tone rendition, which remote phosphor lights are renowned for.

Reflect Series

BB&S Reflect lights NAB Product of the Year award
NAB Show “Product of the Year” 2023 award for Reflect Lights. Image credit: CineD

You can stack as many of the Reflect lights together as you need. At NAB 2023, we were shown 2 ft 2-banks and 1 ft and 2 ft 4-banks, which use 40 and 80 watts of power, respectively. The output is 60 lux at 10 feet. The lights use soft buffed aluminum for diffusion.

All Reflect lights are plug-and-play and feature standard XLR connections between them. You can use one controller to power up to four lights. The controller is powerful, with dimming, wired DMX, RDM and integrated power supply, yet it is easy to use. BB&S Reflect lights emit very low heat and are very compact and rugged, which is perfect for studios and stages with low ceilings.

Availability & pricing

According to Toby from BB&S, the pricing of the Reflect series lights are as follows:

  • 2ft 2-bank: $800 USD
  • 1ft 4-bank: $800 USD
  • 2ft 4-bank: $1300 USD
  • Controller: $1000 USD

For exact pricing and availability, please refer to the BB&S website: (US)

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