Bebob Announces Full Lineup of B-Mount Batteries, Chargers, and Adapters

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Bebob Announces Full Lineup of B-Mount Batteries, Chargers, and Adapters

Bebob expands the B-mount portfolio with four models of 12V/24V batteries in capacities between 86Wh and 285Wh, two different chargers, and various adapters for V-mount, Gold-mount, and camera-specific applications. The price of the new batteries starts at €465 plus VAT.

Three years ago, in cooperation with ARRI, Bebob introduced a new battery mount standard – B-mount. The B-mount standard aims to offer the flexibility of multi-voltage output, so the batteries are capable of delivering either 24V or 12V, depending on the use.

As Bebob claims, the B-mount should be a more durable and wiggle-free mount, compared to V-mount or Gold-mount. Last but not least, a B-mount features an open protocol for extended communication between battery and camera.

B-mount battery. Source: Bebob

Back in 2019, Bebob introduced four battery models for the B-mount. Now, the Munich-based battery manufacturer expands the B-mount portfolio with some new batteries, adapters, and chargers. Let’s take a look at the details.

B-mount batteries

Bebob is offering a total of four battery models with the B-mount standard:

  • B90cine with 86Wh capacity
  • B90cineHS with 86Wh capacity, plus an additional hot-swap slot that can hold another B-mount battery for an uninterrupted power supply
  • B155cine with 156Wh capacity
  • B290cine with 285Wh capacity
B-mount batteries. Source: Bebob

The dimensions range from 94 x 144 x 39 mm to 94 x 144 x 77 mm (W x H x D), with the weight ranging from 0.6 kg to 1.5 kg. Practical additional features for all batteries are the Bebob Twist-D-Tap connection and a USB-C connector. According to Bebob, the B-Mount interface provides precise information about runtime and charging time, even when batteries are connected in series using the B90cineHS.

B-mount battery on ARRI Skypanel. Source: Bebob

Like all other Bebob batteries, the new B-Mount models support the battery manufacturer’s “Re-celling” program, so they can be fitted with new cells as soon as the old ones no longer meet expectations.

B-mount chargers and adapters

Bebob offers two models of battery chargers for the B-mount battery packs:

  • Bebob BS2 – dual-channel 82W DC charger
  • Bebob BS4 – quad-channel 165W DC charger

Bebob claims that with these chargers, a B90cine or B90cineHS battery can be fully charged within three hours, a B155cine in four, and a B290cine is full in six hours.

B-mount battery chargers. Source: Bebob

When it comes to adapters, Bebob offers the B2Vcine or B2Acine plates for conversion from V-Mount or Gold-Mount to B-Mount. Additionally, the company also brings device-specific adapters to the market. Dedicated battery plates are available for the ARRI Amira (BMM24-AMIRA) and ARRI Alexa (BMM24-ALEX).

Adapters for the Sony VENICE 1 (BMM12-Venice1) and the Venice 2 will follow. Besides, Bebob also offers B-Mount adapter frames for manufacturers in an OEM version for 12V and 24V. Finally, as Bebob claims, the portfolio of B-Mount battery plates is constantly being expanded.

B-mount battery adapters. Source: Bebob

Price and availability

All of the new B-mount products are now available. The prices have been set as follows (without VAT):

  • B90cine battery costs €465
  • B90cineHS battery with hot-swap costs €565
  • B155cine battery costs €565
  • B290cine battery costs €795
  • BS2 battery charger costs €295
  • BS4 battery charger costs €795

The adapters are priced between €95 and €645, depending on the exact model.

Do you use B-mount batteries for your work, or do you prefer V-mount or Gold-mount? Let us know in the comment section underneath the article.


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