Bebob B-Mount Batteries – New Standard for ARRI Cameras

Bebob developed with ARRI a new battery mount: the bebob B-Mount. All future ARRI cameras, including the recently announced ARRI ALEXA Mini LF, will use this new B-Mount battery mount. These new batteries can supply 24-volt devices while providing maximum flexibility regarding the choice of batteries and accessories.


Bebob B-Mount Features

Some cameras are power hungry, and ARRI ones require a lot of juice. Wooden Camera even designed an accessory for the Alexa LF to power it via two 12V V-Mount/Anton Bauer batteries. The bebob B-Mount batteries will solve this problem: it provides 24-volt high-power. Furthermore, the cells and mounts are equipped to support multi-voltage (12/24-volt), so you can power your various camera accessories with a single battery system.

Also, bigger batteries mean more weight and pressure on the battery mount. Traditional V-Mount and Anton Bauer were not reliable and secure enough. To make the battery connection stronger, bebob designed a new battery mount to handle the extra weight of the 24-volt batteries. This side-sliding design reminds me of the Anton Bauer battery mount, in a more robust way.

If you want your camera to “read” the battery information (time left), the battery/mount have to communicate with the camera using a protocol. So, this is why some batteries are “RED compatible” for example. With a lot of different cameras and manufacturers, protocols can be a nightmare.

The B-Mount interface solves that problem by using only one protocol to communicate with the camera. bebob and ARRI are working hard to make this new 24-volt mount the new standard. This protocol and the interface specifications have already been sent to various manufacturers.BebobArriBMount_01

Pricing and Availability

Of course, bebob is the first manufacturer to offer various B-Mount batteries:

  • B90CINE: 86Wh battery, a total weight of 595 grams. €445
  • B155CINE: 155Wh battery, a total weight of 945 grams. €545
  • B290CINE: 294Wh battery, a total weight of 1275 grams. €795
  • B90CINEHS: 86Wh Hot-swap battery, a total weight of 635 grams. €545

The first bebob B-Mount batteries are now available worldwide.

What do you think of this new B-Mount? Do you consider replacing your V-Mount/Anton Bauer batteries with these? Let us know in the comments down below!


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