bebob CUBE 1200 – 1176Wh Multi-Voltage High Load Battery Pack

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bebob CUBE 1200 - 1176Wh Multi-Voltage High Load Battery Pack

The bebob CUBE 1200 is a multi-voltage Li-Ion battery with 5V, 12V, 24V, and 48V outputs. It features high capacity of 81.6Ah / 1176Wh and enough power to run Arri SkyPanel S60 for more than 2.5 hours at maximum (420W) power.

Bebob CUBE 1200 can provide enough power for the Arri SkyPanel S60 at max output. Source: bebob

bebob is a german company based in Munich, specializing in powering solutions. They have been in this market for a long time. The fact that Bebob even introduced their own battery mount only confirms how established this company is. Their B-mount will be used by ARRI in all their future cameras. You can check more on the bebob’s B-mount in this article. bebob CUBE 1200 is the company’s latest announcement. So, what is this product about?

bebob CUBE 1200 Multi-Voltage High Load Battery Pack

The bebob CUBE 1200 can provide multiple voltage – 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V. In terms of outputs, there are three 12V outputs (1 x D-Tap, 2x XLR), two 24V outputs, and one 48V output (all XLR) available. In addition, 2 USB outputs (5V) allow external devices like smartphones and tablets to be charged and operated.

The capacity of the incorporated Lithium-Ion Trimix HL cell is 81.6Ah / 1176Wh. Maximum load is 480W. A convenient benefit of the CUBE 1200 is its integrated charger, accepting 90-264V/47-63Hz AC in. It takes 8-hours charge time to reach full capacity.

bebob CUBE 1200 is quite compact given its specs. Source: bebob

To proof its power, bebob claims that the battery pack can run the Arri SkyPanel S60 at maximum power (420W) for 2.5 hours. bebob says that most traditional batteries will only operate this particularly powerful LED panel at half performance, so that sounds very impressive. Compared to that, providing 150W through 24V or 48V outputs to power high-end cinema cameras seems like a piece of cake for this massive battery pack.

When we take a look at the physical specs of this battery, the CUBE 1200 weighs 19.8 pounds (8.95 kilograms) and it is 8.2” (20.8cm) wide x 14” (35.6cm) high x 6.5” (16.7cm) deep. Its design features dual integrated top handles, raised feet, and ready access to all outputs and functions.

bebob CUBE 1200 powering the ARRI Alexa SXT. Source: bebob

The battery pack has been engineered and handcrafted in Germany and bebob offers a 2-year warranty for 80% capacity with the CUBE 1200. It is housed in a rugged enclosure and built for long life. It features a modular design for easy service, and after years of work when cell capacity becomes insufficient, a new battery cell can be installed.

The bebob CUBE 1200 is available now at around US $3,700 in the USA and at around €2,900 in Europe. If you are planning to visit the IBC show in Amsterdam in September, you will be able to see the CUBE 1200 in action at several booths there.

What do you think about the bebob CUBE 1200 battery pack? Have you ever needed such a powerful battery on set? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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