Benjamin Briceno rewrites history – do you?

I have recently featured some extraordinary videos here on the news that stood out visually.
Here’s a project that stands out in another way: It makes great use of an aspect of the art of filmmaking that goes beyond entertainment: Communication.

This is their kickstarter video. DOP Benjamin says: “we did not shoot the footage used in the video”, it is a trailer made up of footage from location to help put their idea across and raise funds.

This team of young people equipped with a bunch of video dslrs (GH2, 5D2, T2i, and D7000) will go to India to make a documentary on slavery and human trafficking. It’s a story about young children “who are completely neglected. They are completely alone, with only the pit boss to feed them one meal a day. Many of the girls are raped every night. It is tragic.”

cinema5D has become a backer of this project and donated $100.
If you have a little bit to spare Benjamin and his team are really dependend on your support.

This is their page where they collect funds:

They have almost reached their goal of $4800.
Funding ends on May 8th

As you can imagine this amount is really nothing for a full length documentary like this. This goal is merely the minimum for 2 crew members and 1000 DVDs.

Let’s get them at least 200% shall we?
There are some very nice gifts if you pledge!
Here are some other people who support this project:

Kessler Crane-
Miller Tripods-
Long Valley Equipment-

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