BLAZAR CATO Full-Frame 2x Anamorphic Lens Set – First Look

At NAB 2024, lens manufacturer BLAZAR has just announced CATO, a new lens set that adds to their full-frame anamorphic line-up. The lenses are 40mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 125mm, feature a consistent 2x anamorphic squeeze ratio, and cover large format sensors. Let’s take a look at them!

BLAZAR, previously known as Great Joy, is a Chinese lens manufacturer that focuses on the production of accessible anamorphic lenses. Their Remus 1.5x anamorphic full-frame lens series is getting quite popular among independent filmmakers due to its affordable price and vintage-inspire look.

This family of lenses was recently expanded with the introduction of the a 35mm T1.6 for Super35 as well as a 33mm T1.6 covering full-frame. And now, the company seems ready to bring 2x anamorphic lenses to the mass.

BLAZAR CATO FF 2x anamorphic set – features

Upon launch, the BLAZAR CATO FF 2x anamorphic lens series will consist of four focal lengths, namely a 40mm T2.2, 50mm T2, 85mm T2.8, and 125mm T3.2. All lenses are available in both PL and EF mounts, don’t exceed 1kg/2.2lbs (weight varies between 853g/1.88lbs and 940g/2.07lbs), and are pretty compact, measuring between 105mm and 133mm in length.

BLAZAR CATO FF 2x anamorphic series – Image credit: CineD

Just like the Remus 1.5x lenses, the CATO 2x set uses barrel distortion. However, they only come with a neutral silver flare options, which means that the color of the flare picks up that of the light source hitting the lens (for the Remus series, you can choose between blue or amber flare). The overall design is similar to the Remus, with a silver/black housing, and focus markings in both meters and feet.

BLAZAR CATO FF 2x anamorphic set – specs

For the full technical specifications, please check the table below:

Price and availability

If you are familiar with BLAZAR, then you know their prices are affordable compared to what anamorphic lenses usually cost. However, we don’t have information about the price of the CATO series yet. The lens set will be available for pre-order in July and will start shipping in August 2024, with the 40mm shipping in October.

For more information, please check BLAZAR’s website here.

What do you think of the BLAZAR CATO series? Did you know the brand, or have you used their lenses before? Let us know in the comments below!


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