Bright Tangerine ONE Tray for Misfit Kick & ARRI LMB Matte Boxes

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Bright Tangerine ONE Tray for Misfit Kick & ARRI LMB Matte Boxes

UK based Bright Tangerine have released a new universal filter tray: The Bright Tangerine ONE. It securely holds (and rotates) any 138mm round filter plus an additional 4×5.65″ filter.

Using a matte box can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you need to use a rotary polarizing filter. The ONE filter tray has been designed to make it less painful to work with such filters. It takes any industry-standard 138mm round filter without the need of specialized geared filters or other proprietary equipment.

In case you missed our talk with Bright Tangerine earlier this year, you can watch it here – it’s about their Misfit Kick Matte Box, Rota Pola Diopter Filter Tray and EVF Mount Prototype.

Once inserted, the so-called Clockwork Orange mechanism takes care of smooth rotation of the filter. The spring-loaded drive system provides secure contact without slipping and you can rotate the filter by hand or by motor. The gear uses a standard 0.8 pitch, any focus motor will work with it.

Bright Tangerine ONE

The Bright Tangerine ONE filter tray has another neat trick up its sleeve: An additional 4×5.65″ slot in front of the unit. A whole bunch of applications spring to mind: Use another polarizer in front of a rotary one to create a custom variable ND. Or you could add diffusion. The neat thing is: It’s all in one slim package, no additional donuts needed, in combination with the Misfit Kick it even works a a pure clamp-on system, no rods whatsoever.

filter tray
The ONE in detail. image credit: Bright Tangerine

Furthermore the ONE can be used to deploy diopters up to +2 in strengh. Since that is a lot of glass, the front tray can’t be used anymore then, but it can if the diopter is +3/4 or less.

In order to mount a compatible round filter, you need to physically open up the ONE tray using a thumb screw. That way the filter is securely held within the system without the risk of falling out. The 4×5.65″ tray uses a traditional spring-loaded clamp to hold the filter securely in place.

Misfit Kick & ARRI LMB

The ONE tray fits the Misfit Kick matte box system as well as any compatible system on the market, for example the popular ARRI LMB (lightweight matte box) line of products.

filter tray with motor
image credit: Bright Tangerine

The ONE uses industry standard dimensions and the Clockwork Orange uses a standard 0.8 pitched gear, everything has been designed to make the ONE filter tray as versatile as possible while keeping it compact and lightweight. Neat!

Compability of Filters

Bright Tangerine offers a vast database of compatible filters, 138mm round ones as well as 4×5.65″ filters. Check for more information.

mounting a filter
using 4×5.65″ filters. image credit: Bright Tangerine

The Bright Tangerine ONE is availabe now and it sells for $379 (€327 / £279) excluding tax.

Link: Website

What do you tink? Do you work with diopters or any other round filters such as polarizers? Share your experience in the comments below!

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