Cam Busters 2011 – very funny promo video for German tour

Well isn’t this something, a DSLR workshop in Vienna (among other cities), the hometwon of cinema5D.
After we won the Oscar in 2008 the Austrian film scene is finally picking up the drive (we’re a little slow).

Austria is a small country and actually the most part of these workshops will be held in Germany.

Workshop content:
• Basic Camera settings (shutter speed, picture profiles,
___white balance…)
• Pros and cons of DSLR cameras with video function and
___how to deal with their downsides
• Professional sound recording
• Gear Hands-on, which accessories are important (you will
___be able to try equipment on location)
• Introduction to large chip camcorders (AF101, F3 …)
• Interview techniques
• Basic lighting on set
• Shooting techniques (camera movements, framing, shot
___size, crossing the line…)
• Intensive timelapse training including motion control and
• Practice Part
• post production workflow (mainly Final Cut Pro, partly
___Adobe CS 5.5, Basic Color Grading)



Philip Bloom is known for his DSLR workshops around the world in which he shares his knowledge and experience about DSLR video and other new large sensor cameras. Nino Leitner and Sebastian Wiegärtner are filmmakers from Vienna and Germany who have worked with Philip Bloom before.

From the website:
Philip Bloom, Sebastian Wiegaertner and Nino Leitner will be in Germany and Austria as part of their Filmmakers Tour. Learn everything you need to know about DSLRs, large chip camcorders (AF101, F3 …) on that jam-packed day. Book today to be part of this intensive course! Only limited seats available.

The cost of the workshop is 299€
If you would like to sign up please use these e-mail links:

Sign up for Vienna 09. August 2011
Sign up for Munich 11. August 2011
Sign up for Cologne 13. August 2011
Sign up for Hamburg 15. August 2011
Sign up for Berlin 17. August 2011
Sign up for Dresden 19. August 2011

You can also sign up through the Cam Busters website (more info there), but if you found this through cinema5D please still send an e-mail to the above links for our reference. Thanks.

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