Caman Handle – Ergonomic LANC Camera Control at a Premium Price

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Caman Handle - Ergonomic LANC Camera Control at a Premium Price

The Caman Handle is an ergonomic LANC compatible grip that allows you to operate and control your camera the way you want. With four buttons and a joystick with customizable functions, you can customize the Caman Handle to your shooting style. Let’s take a closer look at this handmade premium product!

Caman Handle – History

The Caman Handle is a product handmade in Switzerland. It was designed by Camille Cottagnoud, an independent director of photography with over 30 years of experience on film sets. The small team launched the product in December 2019 after more than 13 years of development, prototypes, and field tests.


The Caman Handle in Africa. Image credit: Caman

The main idea behind the Caman handle was to design a product that could fit every handle, that you can operate with gloves while being fully customizable.

Caman Handle – Features

The Caman Handle does not connect directly to your camera. The handle is connected to a control module that communicates between the handle and your camera.


Image credit: Caman

Then, the control module connects to your camera via a cable and uses the LANC protocol to communicate with the camera. Indeed, it is compatible with nearly all Sony, Canon, JVC, Blackmagic Design cameras, and so on.


Image credit: Caman

The handle itself features four pressure-sensitive buttons. If you press the button softly, it can do an action, and if you apply more pressure, it can do another one. In short, it works like a traditional zoom rocker: the zoom will get faster when pressure is applied but will slow down if the force exerted is lessened.


Image credit: Caman

On the side of the Caman Handle, there is also a joystick that extends the possibilities of the system. The joystick does not move; it is pressure sensitive like the buttons. You can combine a joystick move with a button pressure to expend the number of assignable functions. So how do you assign custom functions to all the buttons?

Caman Handle – Customization

To program the handle, you’ll need to connect the control module to your computer via USB and launch the Caman App, which is Mac and PC compatible. The Caman App allows you to assign your favorite camera-functions to a single button or a combination of two or three.


The Caman Control Module. Image credit: Caman

Talking about customization, the four buttons are mounted on a grip that you can adjust to fit nearly all hands’ sizes. Indeed, by using a worm drive, you can extend or retract the space between each button. You can even use it with gloves!


The Caman Handle rig. Image credit: Caman

The Caman Handle attaches to your rig via an ARRI rosette mount. Also included in the package is a kind of extension arm that attaches to the handle. This arm allows you to reposition the grip where you want it without having to unscrew anything thanks to a system of nylon discs.


Image credit: Caman

The module, the hand strap, and the various parts of the handle are made in Switzerland. Most of the elements are 3D-printed, as is the cast for injecting silicone. The Caman Handle is made for day-to-day operations, and it is water and dust resistant.


Image credit: Caman

Pricing and Availability

The Caman Handle is available now for European customers only. The basic set retails for €2400.00 and includes one remote handle, a control module, one two-arm rig with a mounting plate, a USB cable, one screw for use in ultra-compact mode, and the Caman App software. You can purchase an additional Caman module for €399.00.


Image credit: Caman

At this price point, the Caman team is looking at the high-end market, and it is not for everyone. Otherwise, it offers unique functions you can’t find anywhere else.

What do you think of the Caman Handle? Do you think it solves real-life shooting problems? Let us know in the comments below!


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