CAME-TV RGBDT Multicolor LED Lights – Your Choice of Tube or Ring Light

April 26th, 2018

Multicolor LED lighting is a real thing nowadays. The CAME-TV RGBDT range of LED lights is no exception here. And these are available either in tube form or as foldable ring light. Portable, stackable, multicolor, controllable via app. That’s the future!

This new range of mutlicolor LED lights seems to be very interesting. As successors to the already available daylight balanced or bicolor tube lights, these new CAME-TV RGBDT lights are true multicolor devices. Same goes for the new RGBDT ring light which is also foldable, very neat!

CAME-TV RGBDT Multicolor LED lights

These new lights come in various shapes and sizes. The tube version will be availabe in either 1, 2, 3 or 4-feet length. The ring light has a diameter of about 30″ (76,5 cm) which is pretty big indeed. In order to transport this light, CAME-TV made it foldable. When folded up it’s basically half the size (and half a circle) which makes it much easier for transportation.

The cool thing about these CAME-TV RGBDT lights is their ability to emit any color of the spectrum. They come preloaded with the full spectrum of RGB hues and variable white balance values are also possible, of course. The light is being powered by either AC power or DC power. Your choice of  Sony NP or V-Mount batteries can be used. Furthermore, and that’s really cool, you can stack several tube lights together and control them as a group. Up to 64 individual lights can be grouped together. Once grouped, you control the whole group with the supplied controller box or a smartphone app. But, and that’s even cooler, you also can control each light within a group seperately, again either with the controller box or your smartphone. That’s actually very neat! Just wire them up once and then control everything remotely by phone!

The device itself is pretty slim and it comes with a detachable barndoor in case you need it. Otherwise just slide it off and the light becomes even more portable and lightweight.

The ring light is basically the same device as the CAME-TV RGBDT tube lights, just with a different form factor. This makes the ring light a very versatile and portable solution for all kinds of colorful (or just white) effects.

Pricing and Availability

These lights are still prototypes (but working ones, as we could witness at NAB). They will become available around the end of May 2018. Pricing is not yet known, but since CAME-TV is known for very competitive prices, I assume this will not ruin you. We’ll have to wait until official pricing is announced to be certain, though.


Are you in the market for some versatile, portable multicolor LED lights? Share your thoughts about these new multicolor lights in the comments below!


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Matthew Carmody
MemberApril 26th, 2018

These look like a lot of fun.

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