CAME-WEARO – Duplex Headphones for Seamless Communication from CAME-TV

September 21st, 2018

CAME-TV presented, among other products, their new duplex headphones called CAME-WEARO. They will operate as a set of up to four wireless headphones and should ensure seamless communication between team members. We talked with David Wong from CAME-TV during the IBC show and found out more about it.

As David stated, the aim of the product is to increase efficiency on filmset by assuring seamless communication between team members. This can be useful for instance on a liveshow with multiple cameras. This idea is not entirely new of course as there are other products like this on the market, but CAME-WEARO offers few interesting features.

The headphones will be available as a standard kit of four pieces – one master and three slave units. It will also be possible to only buy a set of two or three headphones – master and one or two slave units. Every unit has three buttons on the side of one ear cup to control volume and pairing. The CAME-WEARO headphones feature a portable folding design.

Muting the headphones’ microphone is easy as it only requires turning/lifting the microphone to an upright position. The duplex headphones use standard Canon NB-6L batteries so it is easy to buy spare batteries basically anywhere. The 1100mAh battery gives them approximate talking time of 12 hours.

CAME-TV offers their CAME-WEARO duplex headphones in two versions:

  • single headset – only one side is equipped with speaker, the other side is without speaker so that user has one free ear to hear surroundings better
  • dual headset – both sides are equipped with speakers for stereo sound

Pairing the headphones is easy and fast. In a couple of seconds it is possible to pair slave headphones with a master. Even after buying additional replacement headphones pairing is not an issue.

The range of the headphones is between 300 and 600 metres in unobstructed open space. It supports group calls simultaneously.

The communication technology used in the headphones is called time division duplex (TDD). It refers to duplex communication links where uplink is separated from downlink by the allocation of different time slots in the same frequency band. It is a transmission scheme that allows asymmetric flow for uplink and downlink transmission and users are allocated time slots for uplink and downlink transmission. That makes the communication seamless, like having a conference call.

Channel bandwidth of the headphones is 1.728GHz and transmission speed is 1.152Mbps. CAME-WEARO headphones use different frequency bands for different parts of the world to comply with local frequency restrictions. All frequency settings are being handled by software.

The CAME-WEARO duplex headphones should be available in two months and the four-piece set should cost around $600.00 USD. CAME-TV also aims to offer a hub in the future which will be able to connect up to 6 headphones slave units. For even bigger production crews, more hubs can be used.

What do you think of the CAME-WEARO duplex headphones from CAME-TV? Which headphones do you use for fast on-set communication? Let us know in the comments below.


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 Alexander Boboschewski
Alexander Boboschewski
MemberSeptember 22nd, 2018

what if I want to connect more headsets? and what if I want to combine the system wirh a wired Intercom. Will there be a Base Station?

Johnnie Behiri
Johnnie Behiri
AdminSeptember 24th, 2018

Hi Bobo.

There will be a base station and you will be able to add additional headsets. (On top of the three slaves)
In regards to wired intercom, I’l check and come back to you.

Thank you

Anthony Burokas
Anthony Burokas
MemberSeptember 22nd, 2018

These look exactly like the Eartec UltraLITE headsets that have been around for years.
Same technology. 4 headsets, or a 7 headset + base.
Except, Eartec has been delivering them for years. Including the 7-headset + base that is still a future product for CAME.

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