Capsule360 – A Versatile Multi-Axis Motion Control Box

Capsule360 - A Versatile Multi-Axis Motion Control Box

Capsule360 is a compact multi-axis motion box with slide, pan and tilt capabilities. In terms of payload, the system can take everything from a smartphone to a mirrorless camera, up to a fully loaded DSLR. Powered by an internal battery that lasts up to 8 hours in video mode, working without any cables, Capsule360 is looking at motion-controlled sliders with a fresh eye. Go check out their Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.


Capsule360 is a multi-axis motion-controlled box system

If you are a videographer, a photographer, or both, this motion system aims to do it all. MIOPS is a company specializing in camera triggers and camera remotes and has just announced a new app-controlled motion box.

The heart of the system is a single compact box, the Capsule360. It connects wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth, giving you access to endless possibilities. The built-in motor in each box enables you to rotate 360°, no matter the angle or the direction.

A single unit will capture only one range of motion: panning. Also, by combining two boxes and the L bracket accessory (to mount a box vertically) you start to get the idea: panning and tilting control. And of course, you can control each axis individually.

Improve your shooting capabilities by adding accessories

Some accessories for the Capsule360 are already available to further extend your possibilities.

The four main accessories are :

  • The L bracket to attach a box vertically
  • The Slider to get some smooth tracking shots
  • The Turntable for 360° product photography
  • The Dolly to make those sweet table shots

Every accessory integrates seamlessly in the Capsule360’s environment and application.


Connect your smartphone to your camera and create 360° images of products

The brain of the system: the MIOPS application

The MIOPS application on your smartphone will connect to all the boxes, and it’s compatible with iOS and Android.

The system is designed to be as simple as possible: you mount the boxes the way you want, you start the app, and every box will recognize its own position and function. You’re ready to go.


The 3-axis motion control page

In addition, the MIOPS application makes a lot of functions possible. For example, you can :

  • Control the speed and direction of each box/axis
  • Automate and record all movements so they can be repeated, from basic slider shots to endlessly looping interview shots
  • Enter the time-lapse mode with bulb ramping, interval ramping, HDR and long-exposure modes
  • Discover the new Star Tracking mode, which automatically tracks the motion of stars for super-sharp results
  • Track any face or object using your smartphone’s camera, with just one click
  • Capture 360° images of products using the turntable accessory

Now, it all sounds pretty common for a multi-axis motion control system, right? So, what is the difference?


The built-in tracking feature is a must-have for solo shooters

Capsule360 vs the World

Without a doubt, the main competitor for the Capsule360 is the Edelkrone SliderONE PRO combined with the Edelkrone Motion BOX. Let’s compare some of the main characteristics of each system :

  • Payload: For the Capsule360, one box has a payload capacity of 7kg. The SliderONE PRO can take up to 9kg.
  • Weight: A Capsule360 box is about 250g, so with the Slider accessory you’re at around 1.2kg. The SliderONE PRO with the Motion BOX attached weighs 1.4kg.
  • Battery Life: The Capsule360 runs off an internal built-in battery that lasts 8 hours in video mode, and 7 days in time-lapse mode ( You can attach a USB battery pack to extend the battery life ). The SliderONE PRO runs for 12 hours in video mode and 24 hours in time-lapse mode, with just one Canon LP-E6 battery.
  • Features: Some totally new features are available on the Capsule360 such as tracking an object and the Star Track mode.
  • Setup Time: It’s pretty obvious, but it will take you a bit more time to set up the full Capsule360 system because you have to put all the pieces together.
  • Price: A full Capsule360 system with every accessory will cost you $979. The SliderONE PRO with Motion Box will set you back $1117 with batteries.

The motion box automatically connects to the app.

In conclusion, none of these systems are perfect, and in the end, it will come down to your filmmaking preferences and needs.

The Kickstarter campaign

The Capsule360 is on Kickstarter, with an expected shipping date of December 2018.

So far, this Kickstarter campaign has raised almost €280,000 which is nearly 4 times the amount of the original €75,000 goal. Obviously, the design and functionality are enough to ignite people’s interest.

Keep in mind that Kickstarter is not an online shop but a crowdfunding platform. Anything can happen and even if everything goes smoothly, you might need to wait a little bit before your motion-control system reaches you safely.

Are you using a motion-controlled slider already? What feature of the Capsule360 excites you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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