CineD Focus Check ep11 – Apple Launch Event & Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad | Sony BURANO Lab Test | SIRUI Factory Tour Video

!!ATTENTION! Unfortunately we had a technical error that made the video recording from our switcher from around 00:34:00 unusable. You will have to make due with the audio recording from around then! SORRY!!

This week, Nino shares his experience attending the Apple launch event for the new iPad Pros, Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad and Final Cut Camera app for iPhone and iPad at Battersea Power Station in London, Apple’s new UK headquarters. He shares his experience what it is like to be at such an event for the first time, and of course what he thinks the new products mean for filmmakers and content creators. Other than that, we talk about the newly released Sony BURANO Lab Test and how the camera fared in our tests, and Johnnie’s factory tour at SIRUI in China – he shares some insights from actually filming and being there. Last but not least, we talk about the latest MZed course by Tal Lazar, called “The Art and Science of Lenses”.

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Show chapters:

(00:00:00) Introduction 

(00:00:38) Nino attending the Apple Launch Event in London

(00:08:37) The new iPad Pro and Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad – how feasible for professionals?

(00:15:20) M4 processor – why first in the iPad Pro?

(00:19:47) Final Cut Camera for Live Multicam

(00:26:31) Does Final Cut Camera compete with the Blackmagic Cam app?

(00:27:10) The processing power of iPad Pro M4 & Tandem OLED display

(00:31:17) Other iPad innovations: Pencil Pro

(00:34:40) Innovative ways of interacting and creating content with touch & stylus

(00:36:15) Final Cut Camera & Live Multicam would be nice if they could be used with other cameras

(00:38:35) Sony BURANO Lab Test

(00:49:53) SIRUI Factory Tour video shot in China by Johnnie

(01:00:40) New MZed course “The Art and Science of Lenses”

(01:03:39) Goodbye!

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