cinema5D “Bored @ Home” 60 Second Filmmaking Competition – Win a Panasonic S1H & More!

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UPDATE, May 5th, 11.30pm CEST:

We have just announced our live stream for the winners announcement, and the “Bored @ Home Film Festival” this coming Thursday! Details here. 

UPDATE, May 1st, 12am CEST:


We are absolutely overwhelmed by the amount and the quality of submissions and will announce details on the judging process very soon in a separate news post!

All remaining entries that were entered in the day(s) before closing the competition will be added to the public Youtube playlist first thing Monday morning, CEST. If you have submitted in time and followed the rules, do not worry, your film WILL BE ADDED and judged and be part of the competition! We will stick to the rules that were clear for everyone and not accept entries submitted after the deadline ended.

We will host a live event regarding this competition and to announce the winners, please check back in the coming days for all details on the date and time on this. We will also email this information to all eligible entries. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE, YOU ARE THE BEST!!

Most of you are stuck at home in self-isolation right now, just like most of the cinema5D team. Not the ideal environment to be a creative filmmaker – but we want to change that! We’re proud to start the “Bored @ Home” 60-Second Filmmaking Competition. You can win great prizes, and the top prize is a Panasonic S1H! Read below for all the details.

What do you have to do?

Now until April 30th, you can submit a video entry to our competition under the topic “Bored @ Home”. How you interpret this topic is TOTALLY up to you. It can be ANY genre – short film, documentary, music video or something entirely different. It’s really your choice!

Additional requirements:

    • every film must start with our official intro in full length, which you can download here
    • every film is required to have a maximum length of 1 minute (60 seconds), not counting the intro (which is 18 seconds – so the total length of the film including the intro must not exceed 1:18 minutes)
    • every film has to be made specifically for this competition (entries of films made prior to this announcement will be disqualified)
    • entries have to be submitted no later than April 30, 2020, at 23.59pm CEST. All entries after that will not be judged.
    • submit this form (FORM REMOVED – entries are now CLOSED!)
    • you can (but don’t have to) use up to two tracks from MusicVine’s vast music catalog for your film. Details on how to get the tracks on the MusicVine site!
    • make sure that your video description on Youtube contains the required information that is stated in the full Terms and Conditions document.
    • if you are using music that is NOT from MusicVine, only licensed music (from other platforms) will be accepted. You can’t simply use any track that you don’t have the rights to use.

Please read and understand the full Terms and Conditions of this competition here.

What can you win?

1st Prize: Thanks to the kind souls at Panasonic who are donating a brand-new Panasonic S1H to give all of you great motivation in this difficult time.

1st Prize: a brand-new Panasonic LUMIX S1H

After the top prize, we also give out 3 more amazing prizes. One of them is a full license of DaVinci Resolve Studio 16, thanks to Blackmagic Design.

You can also win a full license of DaVinci Resolve Studio 16

Another one is a Pro Premium 1-year membership of MZed – Education for Creatives. That is every single workshop they offer on the site. An amazing value.

Also a great prize, every single workshop on MZed with their Pro Premium package for a full year.

And finally, our friends at MusicVine also joined in and are giving away a Pro Standard subscription of their music catalog for a full year. That should fulfill all your filmmaker’s musical needs for a while!

Submit your entry here:

The winners will be announced in a live stream at the beginnin of May 2020 on We might give you an update on some of the entries as part of our Virtual Show live streams from April 20-22.

All entries can be seen in this public YouTube playlist.

How are the winners determined?

We will dedicate our time to judge ALL entries, under the following criteria, in no particular order:

  • originality and creativity
  • interpretation of the theme “Bored @ Home”
  • storytelling
  • cinematography

The internal voting will be very democratic and each judging team member will give marks for each of the points above, on the basis of which we will determine the prize winners. We will vote at our sole discretion.

We will also share constructive criticism about each film in one sentence with every entrant.

Where can I see all the entries?

You can see all entries on this YouTube playlist.


Do I have to use Panasonic cameras for the shoot?

No. You can use whatever cameras or lenses you please for your shoot.

Do I have to shoot a dedicated film for the competition?

Yes, we accept only films that are MADE for this competition. We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that does not fulfil the formal criteria stated above, including this one. Disqualification means that the film in question will simply not be added to the YouTube playlist and will therefore not be eligible to win.

Can the film be longer than 60 seconds?

No. Any entry longer than 60 seconds will be disqualified. The length of the intro (18 seconds) can be added to the 60 seconds of the film. The 60 seconds must already include the end credits, if you decide to add some. The total length of the submission including the intro therefore can’t exceed 1:18 minutes.

Can the film be shorter than 60 seconds?


Can I upload my film to Vimeo instead of YouTube?

You have to submit a link to a YouTube upload, so the film can be entered into our competition playlist. However it is up to you if you want to do another upload to Vimeo in addition, but that will not have any impact on the vote.

Is this competition open to participants from all countries?


Will I get a confirmation email after I submitted my film?

No – we check all entries manually several times a day. Your video will be added to the YouTube playlist if it’s eligible, so everyone can see it, however we will not email you about it. We will only email you if there is an issue with your video, so you can change it and resubmit.

Happy shooting in quarantine :-)

Feel free to ask questions in the comments below.


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