CMOSIS 8K Full Frame Sensor Hits The Market

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CMOSIS 8K Full Frame Sensor Hits The Market

Image sensor manufacturer CMOSIS has announced a new 48Mp CMOSIS 8K full frame sensor with global shutter ready for 30fps 8K video.

cmosis 8k full frame sensor cmv50000

The CMOSIS CMV50000 is a brand new, next gen 36.43 x 27.62mm 48Mp large format imager that may be the first step towards bringing full frame 8K to the rest of us. The CMOSIS press release gives some impressive technical details:

The CMV50000 is a medium format 48Mpixels sensor with 7920 x 6002 4.6-µm sized pixels using the patented 8-transistor pixel architecture to offer low noise and excellent electronic shutter efficiency. Global shutter operation means, that images of fast-moving objects can be captured without distortion.

The CMV50000 boasts a dynamic range of 64dB, which will probably translate to around 12 stops after the processing and noise reduction of a typical signal chain, and an extended HDR mode is supported by means of an odd/even row dual-exposure operation.

Operating at a fast 30 frames/s with 12 bit pixel depth at full resolution or a binned 4k mode, and at up to 60 frames/s with pixel subsampling to 4k resolution, the sensor is suitable for use in high-speed machine-vision systems, as well as in TV broadcasting and video cameras.

While the CMV50000 may not achieve RED’s 16.5 stops or 75fps in 8K of the Helium S35, it is larger, and a unit price point of 3,450 Euros may make a lower cost 8K full frame camera possible.

We’ll just have to wait and see which cinema camera manufacturers design cameras around the new sensor. CMOSIS sensors have been at the heart of Blackmagic Design’s cameras since their first 2.5K Cinema Camera. CMOSIS have also supplied sensors used in some Leica cameras.

CMOSIS CMV50000 Specs

Resolution48MP – 7920 (H) x 6004 (V)
Pixel size4.6 x 4.6 μm2
Optical format35 mm (36.43 x 27.62 mm2)
Shutter typeGlobal shutter
Frame rate30 fps
Output interface22 LVDS @ 830 Mbps
Sensitivity5 V/lux.s (@ 550 nm)
Conversion gainTBC
Full well charge14000 e- (with binning 58000 e-)
Dark noise8.5 e-
Dynamic range64dB (binning: 68dB)
SNR max41.4dB (binning: 47.6dB)
Parasitic light sensitivity1/20000
Extended dynamic rangeYes, odd/even read out
Dark currentTBC
Fixed pattern noise6.5 DN rms
ChromaMono and RGB
Operating temperature range-30°C to 70°C

For more information visit the CMOSIS website or read the full press release.


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