Colourlab Freelab Announced – New Zero-Cost Color Management Plug-in

Colourlab Freelab Announced – New Zero-Cost Color Management Plug-in

Color Intelligence recently launched their newest product – Colourlab Freelab. This color management plug-in has the potential to replace 3D LUTs. It promises to balance cameras and apply a consistent look in one click, making color grading easier and more accessible to anyone. And you know what the best part is? It is now available for free to Windows and Mac users working in Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve.

Originally, the Hollywood-based company was famous for their flagship software – Colourlab Ai. (We wrote a detailed review on the last version here). This platform uses a powerful deep-learning engine to provide AI-based tools that make it easy to balance shots across different exposures and suggest looks based on your personal preferences. This software offers various subscription plans, and can also be integrated into the most common post-production applications (Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, etc.)

According to the company’s description, Freelab is a new way to manage looks – fast, easy, and with X01 files instead of LUTs. More details below.

What Freelab can clearly do

CEO Dado Valentic asks us to think of Freelab as a free version of Colourab’s film native-color engine that generates a look based on the same principles used with analog film. The new image processing tool, once installed on the application of your choice, can balance shots from different cameras (including materials of unknown origin, thanks to the special mode called Log Generic) and convert the image into REC709. And that in a single click. The plug-in also works with materials originating on film and supports any format, such as ACEScct and Davinci Wide Gamut.

Colourlab Freelab plugin in the interface of Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows)
Freelab plug-in in the Adobe Premiere interface on Windows. Image credit: CineD

At the same time, Freelab comes with a collection of free, continuously expanding X01 files. The full library is accessible through the company’s Discord server.

All key features of the plug-in in one short summary:

  • Advanced color management
  • 40+ cameras
  • Any camera, any format
  • Pro color
  • Advanced scene-referred color engine
  • X01 support
  • Full support for new parametric look format

X01 format and what it brings to the table

X01 is a new type of color metadata introduced by Color Intelligence. Basically, it’s a format of files, which are parametric, adjustable, and text-based. According to the developers, that makes them smaller and more versatile than classic, established LUTs. Also, X01 is completely camera-independent (a huge advantage compared to a LUT), which provides a consistent look across any footage with little effort.

If you’re a happy user of the Colourlab Ai or Look Designer plug-in, you can also generate your own X01 looks instead of using the packaged pre-sets.

Support of different cameras

Colourlab Freelab has in-built support for over 40 cameras at one’s disposal. Among them are all the big camera brands like Canon, ARRI, RED, and Blackmagic Design, as well as drones (DJI), action cams (GoPro), and even mobile phones.

The camera systems, Colourlab Freelab plugin supports
Image credit: Color Intelligence

This ensures that even if you have footage originating from diverse and seemingly incompatible sources, Freelab will allow you to color manage them efficiently and get a consistent look regardless.

Who can use the new plug-in Colourlab Freelab?

Well, basically every creator, as it’s free of charge. Right now, Colourlab Freelab works on Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro. It’s available for both users of macOS and Windows. You can download the plug-in directly from the developer’s webpage here.

Feature image credit: Color Intelligence.

What do you think of this new color management tool? Would you give it a shot? Or maybe you are already using it? Share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments below!


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