Core SWX NANOX Batteries Announced – Rugged and Compact 98Wh or 150Wh in Both V- and Gold Mounts

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Core SWX NANOX Batteries Announced -  Rugged and Compact 98Wh or 150Wh in Both V- and Gold Mounts

Core SWX, the renowned battery maker, has announced the Core SWX NANOX batteries. The new NANOX combines a lightweight, compact design with a rugged “NexCore” compound shell. Also onboard are ample auxiliary connections, a smart communication system with both selected cameras and smartphones, an LED indication interface, and more. Let’s dive in.

V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries have gained popularity in recent years. The hybrid revolution, blurring the boundaries between dedicated cine and stills cameras, has created new opportunities for these kinds of products. As hybrid shooters quickly learned – video capture is a power-hungry practice. As cameras quickly chewed through multiple batteries, some improvised, rag-tag solutions emerged. These were quickly followed by custom-made solutions – turned into mass-market solutions in the form of new rigs and batteries by Core SWX and others.

Core SWX NANOX mounted on a RED camera. Image credit: Core SWX

This trend grew even further as PD USB-C ports became a standard for hybrid cameras and a plethora of powered accessories. These include compact lights, audio recorders, monitors, etc. As each device requires its own power, a large battery with multiple outlets provides an excellent solution. Such is the Core SWX NANOX duo, featuring 98wh or 150wh, in both V- and Gold Mounts.

Build quality

All four Core SWX NANOX versions (98Wh or 150Wh, in both V- and Gold Mounts) are made with the company’s new polymer compound dubbed “NexCore”. This tough yet flexible compound allows for a blend of ruggedness that is relatively lightweight. Core SWX promises high impact and vibration resistance while keeping the weight down to 590g/1.3lbs (98Wh) or 700g/1.54lbs (150Wh). According to company claims, the NANOX batteries should also withstand extreme weather conditions, both heat and cold. This will require further inspection since batteries usually respond to external temperatures, and Core doesn’t specify the exact testing method supporting this claim.

Core SWX NANOX in extreme conditions. Image credit: Core SWX

Capacity and ports

Both batteries offer a similar DC 12v-16.8v operational voltage. As their name suggests, they vary regarding capacity, with the smaller NANOX 98 offering 98Wh (14.8v, 6.6Ah) and the larger NANOX 150 with 150Wh (14.8v, 9.9Ah).

Core SWX NANOX ports. Image credit: Core SWX

In terms of auxiliary ports, the Core SWX NANOX batteries provide one USB-A port for personal devices such as tablets or smartphones. A 100W USB-C Power Delivery (PD) port can power up hungrier devices, and a 12v P-Tap will support additional standard accessories. While not an electronic port, the NANOX carries a nice rigging trick up its sleeve.

Core SWX NANOX 1.4″ screw. Image credit: Core SWX

Aimed at a variety of creators, the NANOX batteries don’t require the rig to attach via the V-Mount or the Gold Mount. A single 1.4″ standard tripod screw will help secure the batteries to almost every rig or cage with minimal fuss.

Communication and indication

The Core SWX NANOX offers various means of power management indications. Both sides of the battery include angeled facets with four LEDs on each. This allows for quick and easy power level indication from various viewing angles. The NANOX also includes an EmLED Display panel, offering various indications, including percentage and running time. The panel is located under the NexCore shell for added durability.

Core SWX NANOX indication LEDs and EmLED panel. Image credit: Core SWX

The NANOX batteries can also communicate battery status to selected cameras. This feature will allow for a quick status check without taking your eye off the frame. Each battery also includes a unique RFID tag, enabling careful monitoring of its status via a dedicated smartphone app – Voltbridge iD, due for launch this summer.

Core SWX NANOX in use. Image credit: Core SWX

Who is it for

The Core SWX NANOX offers a rather mainstream solution that will comply with various projects and workflows. However, its main advantages will draw the attention of outdoor, news, or travel cinematographers. The combination of compactness and robustness will surely find its audience among these fields, along with single operators and independent creators having to haul their entire kit around, appreciating every spared gram.

Core SWX NANOX in use. Image credit: Core SWX

Price and availability

The Core SWX NANOX batteries are available for preorder. The 98Wh will cost $285 and the larger 150Wh comes at $395. Prices for V-Mount and Gold Mount are the same.

Will you upgrade your current stock to a lighter, more robust version such as these NANOX batteries? Do you find the added ports useful for your kind of work? Let us know in the comments.

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