Crack Light – Tiny Waterproof Flexible LED Light, Now on Kickstarter

March 14th, 2019
Crack Light - Tiny Waterproof Flexible LED Light, Now on Kickstarter

The Crack light is a new Kickstarter campaign by Blind Spot Gear. It is a tiny, flexible and waterproof LED panel, consisting of 49 daylight (6000K) LEDs and is powered via USB connector. It can be used either with or without a dimmer and can be mounted basically anywhere.

Blind Spot Gear is an innovative camera accessories company, based in Scotland. They already launched five previous crowdfunding campaigns in the past, like the Tile light, Scorpion light, or the little multifunctional battery mount Power Junkie, which we reviewed last year. Now, Blind Spot is launching their 6th Kickstarter campaign with a new portable light panel – the Crack light. What does it offer?

Crack Light

The Crack light is a small, waterproof light panel with 49 LEDs. When I say small, I mean really small – the extremely slim panel has smartphone-like dimensions and it only weighs 19 grams (without accessories). The light panel is flexible, so it can be bent to suit various mounting needs (more on mounting options later).

Crack Light – Very small and flexible

As the Crack light consists of daylight LEDs only, the temperature is fixed at 6000K and can only be tweaked with gels. The LED panel was developed last year in cooperation with a South Korean company, PROFOUND. There is a full-size USB connector with a short cable, and the Crack light can be either directly connected to a USB power source for immediate full light output, or it can be connected to the dimmer. The dimmer provides an on/off switch and, of course, a step-less dimming wheel. The whole connectivity is based on full-size USB connectors but Blind Spot claims to have a full range of accessories available, once the Kickstarter campaign ends. They will offer a variety of USB adapters (to Micro USB, USB-C, Apple iPhone lightning. etc.), USB hubs to power more lights, cables, and more.

Crack Light dimmer

When it comes to mounting the Crack light, there are various options. Blind spot decided to make a whole video with tips on how to mount the panel. Their favourite mounting solution includes the GoPro mounting system, which is quite inexpensive and offers a great amount of flexibility. Other options involve white tack, velcro strips, or rubber bands.

Crack Light – Tech Specs

  • Light source: High CRI LED (5V)
  • Beam angle: 120°
  • Color temperature: Daylight (SGD) 6000K
  • CRI: typically 95 (R9, R12 :90)
  • TLCI: typically 97
  • Photometric data: 155 lux at 1m distance
  • Dimming: 3-100% continuous (flicker free)
  • Power supply: external battery (5V USB)
  • Weight: 19g (light sheet only)

Available packages on Kickstarter start at approximately $40 for one early bird Crack light panel. The full retail price for the light, after the Kickstarter campaign is over, will be $60. A Crack light with the dimmer is available for an early bird price of approximately $75 (full retail price of this package will be $106). Blind Spot also offers a few bundles of more light panels. The company expects to deliver the Crack lights to Kickstarter backers during July 2019.

Blind Spot is already experienced in crowdfunding campaigns and the Crack light seems to be a finished product, already. Still, please keep in mind that Kickstarter is not a shop or market place and there are certain risks when backing up a project.

What do you think of Blind Spot’s Crack light? Can you imagine this tiny flexible light panel complementing your kit? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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Ryszard Wesołowski
Ryszard Wesołowski
March 19th, 2019

Will it be the same as with Power Junkie? Many people have paid and have not received the order until today. Realize the previous campaign to the end, because no one will trust you anymore. one of many disappointed.
All the best

 Billy Campbell
Billy Campbell
March 20th, 2019

Hi Ryszard,

I understand you must be disappointed but please believe we are doing everything we can to get the delivery to you. Your product has shipped and we are in discussion with our fulfilment partner about why your tracking is unresponsive. We had over 900 shipments of the Power Junkie which almost 90% have now been delivered.

We will be in touch via email again when we have more information.
Kind Regards
Billy Campbell
CEO Blind Spot.

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