Craft Camera: An Innovative Modular Camera System

Craft Camera: An Innovative Modular Camera System

A company called Craft have just announced a new camera. It looks like an intelligently designed, innovative modular camera system. It’s like building your own camera. There are two versions, either 4K or HD. And they are very affordable.

craft camera HD and 4k

Modular Craft Camera Systems

Craft have come out with a brilliantly designed modular system, available in either HD or 4K version.

The HD version has a Super 16mm sensor with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. It has a dynamic range of 13 stops and global shutter. The HD Craft camera operates at high speeds up to 120fps. There are PL, EF, and MFT Speed Mount options, and an ND Sled filter technology.

The 4K version is identical in size to its HD sibling, but houses a Super 35mm sensor that produces images at 4096 x 2160 and high-speed rates at 120fps. It is a production-ready cinema camera in a small package. It also bolsters 13 stops of dynamic range, global shutter, PL & EF Speed Mount options, and an ND SLED.

craft camera

  • Back Lit Control Display: The side display allows for independent operation of the menu and overlays when configured with additional accessory Elements.
  • Intuitive Camera Controls: Easy to use side facing controls work in a Single-Element configuration or in parallel to other controllers in a Multi-Element configuration.
  • Professional Connections: Craft Camera provides the outputs you rely on including SDI and a full-size HDMI connection. Use our tether port to ensure cable and connector safety at all times.

But wait…there is more. This is where the fun bit begins. Building a camera to the spec you need.

Store Element



You can add recording to your Video Element with familiar formats like ProRes and CinemaDNG. The Store Element provides faster workflows and redundancy using CFast media. Record CinemaDNG format on one card while simultaneously recording a ProRes proxy on the other which decreases the post workflow time when dealing with CinemaDNG. SSD version is coming soon.

Audio Element

Your camera expands its audio capabilities when you add the Audio Element. Features include two mic inputs with phantom power, balanced analog output, and 1/8” stereo headphone jack for monitoring.

Power Element

The Power Element uses the Craft Camera Battery. Use a single Craft Camera Battery on the back of the “basic package” or two batteries by using the Power Element.

LCD Element


The flip LCD can be oriented to match the position you are holding the camera. The entire LCD Element can be mounted between any Element—allowing for better balance, extended viewing angles, and preferences.

Handle Element


The Handle Element can control any part of the camera at any time. Core camera functions such as recording and lens control are just one button away. The entire handle can rotate 180º providing a more comfortable position when shooting extreme angles. The Handle can be attached utilizing our proprietary control interface called Control Link. The handle can connect to all the Elements excluding the Display Element.

ND Sled


Say goodbye to carrying around different ND filters for different lenses. The ND Sled is a significant innovation in camera technology. It is a mechanical device with two separate glass filters which provide 3 ND options. The ND Sled can be installed or removed at any point. Purchasing a Craft Camera to be used in a studio environment won’t need an ND Sled, however, if shooting outside is a regular occurrence then it is highly recommended.

Speed Element


Need to swap EF lens and MFT lens in between two shots? The Speed Mount provides a quick and easy way to mount different types of lenses to one camera… with no tools! Our Speed Mount technology functions similar to heavy tripod mounts using high-grade materials to keep your camera and lens tight and safe. Every 4K and HD Video Element ships with 1 Speed Mount of your choice MFT, EF, or PL. Purchase additional Speed Mounts to match your lens type if needed.

Control Link


The Control Link is the communication port that communicates to the Handle. It’s expandable which allows other devices to communicate with the Craft Camera. There are three additional Control Link accessories: Ethernet, Serial with LANC, and Wireless Transmitter. These can be used in place of the handle or along side when mounting it to additional Elements. Control the Craft Camera over Ethernet in a studio setting, use the Serial with LANC on a jib or stabilizer, or use the Wireless Transmitter for long distance mobile app control.

We are extremely keen to see this camera in action. Hopefully, we will be able to get our hands on it for further testing. Currently, you can reserve this camera with a 10% deposit, starting at $500. For more information visit Craft’s website.

What do you think of this design? Are you interested in finding out more about Craft Camera? Let us know in the comments below.

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