DaVinci Resolve 9.1 – adds Retina Macbook Pro support

January 20th, 2013 Jump to Comment Section

In the newest update to the famous color correction software DaVinci Resolve, Black Magic Design has implemented support for Macbook Pro Retina displays among other features.

We’ve seen several updates last year making DaVinci Resolve lite (free) ever more user friendly and more accessible to users using semi professional hardware like Apple laptop computers and Blackmagic’s low priced Cinema Camera.

The has among other things been promoted showing off its video editing capabilities in Final Cut Pro X where you can preview a video in native HD resolution on the small laptop screen. With the update to 9.1 DaVinci Resolve now also sports this feature as well as an additional XML feature to import Final Cut Pro X Auditions (info…).

Also worth noting: Support for the new Sony F5 and F55 cameras has been added.

New Features in DaVinci Reslove 9.1:
– Support for Apple Macbook Retina technology.
– Support in XML for FCP X Audition.
– Improved XML integration for better workflows between Resolve, FCP X and Final Cut Pro 7.
– Integration with DeckLink 4K Extreme.
– Includes CinemaDNG Input Device Transform (IDT) for grading Raw images in ACES workflows. (ACES is a color space standard)
– Ability to generate new AAF for MXF audio renders.
– Improved chase audio feature allowing specification in either frames or seconds.
– Support for timeline audio when PowerMastering.
– Playback support for Sony Raw F55/F5 files.
– Improved rendering times for Sony CineAlta SStP files.
– Playback support for the Red Mysterium-X Monochrome sensor (software decode only).
– Playback and render support for DNxHD 100.
– New ASC CDL metadata extraction from ARRIRAW headers.
– Matte clips can now be assigned to multiple clips in the Media Pool.
– Red Rocket can now be disabled from Preferences.
– NTSC DV playback supports both 4X3 and 16×9 aspect ratios.

Download Davinci Resolve 9.1 Lite (free).

DaVinci Resolve Lite only outputs HD. Here’s the $30,000 version, the DaVinci Hardware package that will also give you 4K.

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If you’re new to color grading there’s now a very interesting iPad app that helps you learn the art with professional color timer Dake Grahn: LINK (trailer)

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