Digital Anarchy Launches Transcriptive A.I. Premium

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Digital Anarchy Launches Transcriptive A.I. Premium

Digital Anarchy has improved the performance of Transcriptive Rough Cutter, adding a new Transcriptive A.I. Premium option for Premiere Pro Editors. This latest enhancement is said to increase the accuracy of their computer-generated transcripts by as much as 5%. Let’s take a look at the new features found in Transcriptive Rough Cutter v.3.1.

Originally released in 2017, Digital Anarchy’s Transcriptive was an all-computer-based transcript generating plug-in. For pennies on the dollar, it promised lightning-fast turnarounds and integrations to speed up your post workflow.

With the addition of Digital Anarchy Transcriptive Rough Cutter last year, an eco-system was created that makes video editing possible simply through editing text.

Overview of Transcriptive from previous release

Transcriptive Rough Cutter can use transcripts from any source: Transcriptive-A.I., Adobe Sensei (A.I.) Captions, human transcripts, and more. The edits in the sequence perfectly match the edits in the transcript and create an instant rough cut, complete with a timecode associated with each word.

“A performance gain of 5% may not sound significant on the surface, but when it comes to transcriptions, every 1% of additional accuracy means roughly 15% less incorrect words. And every additional 1% in accuracy means 4 minutes less clean up time for a 30 minute clip.”

Jim Tierney, president of Digital Anarchy.
Transcriptive Interface – Select Text

These speed improvements are a welcomed refinement that will save editors time in both preparing for an edit, and meeting deliverables for scripts or closed captioning. But speed and accuracy aren’t all that Digital Anarchy has to offer with this update.

Transcriptive Rough Cutter v.3.1 Adds

Transcriptive Interface – Transcription Service Selection
  • Easy Adobe Transcripts Importing
    • Video editors now have the option to import transcripts created by Adobe’s Speech To Text service into Transcriptive with only two steps.
  • Automatic SRT Sentence Splitting
    • The “Export” transcript window now allows users to split the transcript text automatically, making the creation of captions and subtitles more precise and faster.
  • Create Markers for Each Sentence for More Precise Notes
    • Marker Export can now save each sentence as a separate marker
  • Text Editor Improvements
    • Editing transcripts to match editors’ needs is even easier with the new Text Editor improvements.


A growing list of competitors has sprung up over the 5 years that Digital Anarchy’s Transcriptive system has been available, most notably Descript, which offers a similar text-video-editing and transcribing that is entirely cloud-based.

Transcriptive Rough Cutter does have the advantage over the competition with their integration with Adobe Premiere Pro.

As a professional editor myself, I very much appreciate not having to do mundane tasks that eat up all my time. However, if we are only trading speed for quality then I feel the chore is better left alone. I’m happy to see Digital Anarchy making accuracy a priority.

Pricing and availability

Transcriptive Rough Cutter v3.1 is available as a free upgrade for version 2 customers and is priced at $199.00 for new users.

The Transcriptive AI Premium option is priced at $0.15/min or $0.12/min using prepaid minutes. Non-Premium transcription options are still available in Transcriptive Rough Cutter and are priced at $0.08/min or $0.04/min if using prepaid minutes. Prepaid minutes are available in packages of $150.00 or $500.00.

For more information, and to download a free demo visit Digital Anarchy’s website.

Featured image credit: Photo by Negative Space from Pexels.

Is A.I., text-based video editing an option for your projects? Would this help improve your workflow? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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