Do-It-Yourself gymbal stabilization project comes up with intriguing new technique

September 4th, 2013
Do-It-Yourself gymbal stabilization project comes up with intriguing new technique

Since April of this year many cameramen are looking forward to the new stabilization techniques that the so-called “brushless gymbal” approach promises. We’ve seen the famous MōVI and numerous helicopters with gymbal stabilization showing up. Unfortunately the MōVI is unaffordable for most of us due it’s hefty “15,000 pricetag. That’s why many other companies and do-it-yourselfers are trying to imitate and innovate this form of stabilization.

Here’s Alex Moskalenko who runs a website on do-it-yourself stabilization and his newest prototype 5 axis brushless gimbal rig. 2 of the motors are dedicated to stabilizing the camera in position as opposed to simply stabilizating the camera orientation.

cinescopophilia reports that “At this stage Alex says he has no plans to bring this 5 axis brushless gimbal camera rig to market.” and compares the stabilization technique to a chicken head steadicam.

This is Alex Mosalenko’s latest version of the real thing. I heard of amateurs building something like that successfully, but they told me it takes a lot of time to do:

How much does it cost and how long does it take to build? If you have the answer please share in the comments.

more info on Alex Mosalenko’s website: LINK

via cinescopophilia


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GuestSeptember 5th, 2013

Hardware-wise we are looking at the Alex Mos boards, which can be had for €155 with 3-axis control and IMU or around €50 for the EvvGC Open Source board (which is still in development and need some kinks worked out).

Now, the brushless motors needed will depend on what camera you are going for but our interest fall squarely in the 2 kg range or higher, which only leaves us with 2 obvious choices really (unless you want to custom wire your brushless motors).

The iPower GBM5108-120T for cameras from 800g to 2kg (around €85 per motor) or the much beefier iPower GBM8017-120T (€220 per motor), which can handle RED Epic, BMC4K, FS700 etc.

Then you need the gimbal, which you easily can make with a CNC machine.

In other words, a far cry from the likes of Freefly Mövi and other “cheaper” alternatives on Kickstarter.

Just take a look at to see how the DIY 3-axis gimbal market is booming.

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