Do you use CF/SD card cases? Like this one for $12

Yes this CF card case costs only $12 and it still does what these cases should do with a long time quality.

These CF and SD cards are rugged pieces of plastic, but it doesn’t hurt to have an additional layer of ruggedness around them. After all they hold our precious footage.

Cases like these will not only protect the cards from brutality, but also from water and dust and most importantly keep them all in one place so they don’t get lost easily.

I tend to throw my cards into the smallest pocket of my camera bag and I never had problems with that technique, but when I’m on an important shoot I like to have a safe place and use these cases.

The $12 noname CF card case from ebay is great. I’ve used it a lot and while the rubber is wearing off a little it still holds CF in place and the quality is very good. It feels solid and not cheap at all.You can get it on ebay (US) and here (EU 8€)
(shipping included)

I can also tell you that the case above doesn’t hold SD cards very well. For SD you should get another case like ebay (US) or here (EU)
(not tested)

If you’re interested in these cases but don’t want them shipped from China, here are several other affordable items from B&H:
Gepe Card Safe $19
Gepe Card Safe Mini $13
HPRC Crushproof $24
Pelican Case for 8 SD $20
Pelican Case for CF $20
(Maybe we can get some more together in the comments)

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