DZOFILM Catta COIN Filters Announced – Compact Slot-in ND, Black-Mist, and Streak Filters for Catta Cine Zooms

DZOFILM Catta COIN Filters Announced - Compact Slot-in ND, Black-Mist, and Streak Filters for Catta Cine Zooms

DZOFILM’s Catta COIN filters are designed to slot in the designated place right within the lens body. There are three different sets of Catta COIN filters – the ND filter set (ND4, ND8 and ND16), the artistic filter set (blue streak, golden streak, rainbow streak, and rainbow starlight filter), and the black-mist set (1/4 and 1/8 black-mist strength). The filters can be pre-ordered now for $199 or $299 per set, and they should ship by the end of May 2022.

When the Chinese lens manufacturer DZOFILM launched its Catta zoom lenses for full-frame mirrorless cameras back in November 2021, they said they designed a place to slot-in filters right into the lens body. Back then, there was not much information about the filters, and now DZOFILM officially launches them, calling them Catta COIN. Let’s take a closer look at those new filters.

DZOFILM Catta Zoom
Swapping rear filters. Image credit: CineD

By the way, my colleague Nino published his video review of the DZOFILM Catta zoom lenses last month, so make sure to go check it out in case you haven’t already.

DZOFILM Catta COIN Filters

Catta COIN filters – ND. Source: DZOFILM

The Catta COIN filters are designed to slot in easily right into the body of the lens near the rear optical element. In fact, the Catta zooms came with the original clear slot-in filter that does not affect the image in any way, but prevents dust and any other particles from getting into the lens. There are three different sets of the Catta COIN slot-in filters:

  • ND filter set – This set offers three strengths of ND filters – ND 4 (0.6 stops), ND 8 (0.9 stops), and ND 16 (1.2 stops). DZOFILM claims that the filters offer high clarity and color rendition to better avoid color fringing or image degradation.
Catta COIN filters – blue and golden streak. Source: DZOFILM
  • Streak and star “artistic” filter set – These slot-in filters are designed to introduce some creative characteristics to the image. There are three Streak filters – blue, golden, and rainbow (multiple colors) that should mimic the streak effect known from anamorphic lenses. There is no information on whether you can rotate the streak filters to get vertical streaks in the image, but judging from the images, I think this will not be possible. There is also one Rainbow Starlight filter that should show stars from specular highlights of the image, according to DZOFILM.
Catta COIN filters – rainbow streak and stardust. Source: DZOFILM
  • Black-mist filter set – This set of two filters includes two strengths of black-mist – 1/4 and 1/8. These filters are designed to soften the image while maintaining a vivid reproduction of natural skin tone. As DZOFILM puts it – by reducing highlights and retaining details in darkness, Catta COIN enhances the subtle and cinematic sense.
Catta COIN filters – black mist. Source: DZOFILM

All the Catta COIN filters feature the DZOFILM double-sided nano-coating that reduces reflection and flaring. Furthermore, according to DZOFILM, the PVD Anti-Fingerprint tablet prevents the glass surface of the filters from getting fingerprints. The filters are water and oil resistant.

Price and availability

DZOFILM says that all of the Catta COIN filters are expected to ship by the end of May 2022. The ND filter set will sell for $199, the Black Mist set will also set you back $199, and finally the “artistic” filter set will retail for $299.

Do you have experience shooting with the DZOFILM Catta zoom lenses? How do you like them? What do you think about these new Catta COIN slot-in filters? Let us know in the comment section underneath the article.

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