DZOFILM Linglung – Upgraded 20-70mm T2.9 and New 10-24mm T2.9 MFT Cine Lenses

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DZOFILM Linglung - Upgraded 20-70mm T2.9 and New 10-24mm T2.9 MFT Cine Lenses

DZOFILM introduces an upgraded version of their Linglung 20-70mm T2.9 cine zoom lens and new Linglung 10-24mm T2.9 cine zoom lens. Both lenses have Micro Four Thirds (MFT) mount, they feature parfocal design, and have minimal focus breathing.


DZOFILM Linglung cinema lenses 20-70mm and 10-24mm T2.9. Source: DZOFILM

DZOFILM is a Chinese lens manufacturer which specializes in cinema lenses. At NAB 2019, DZOFILM showcased two prototype lenses – huge Foton optics 25-300mm T2.8 cine zoom lens for super35 sensors and 20-70mm T3.1 cine zoom lens for Micro four thirds. (The brand Foton is owned by DZO.) Here is a link to our NAB article with the video interview in case you missed it.

Now, DZOFILM upgraded the 20-70mm cine lens and they are also introducing a new 10-24mm cine lens. What are the features of the updated and new lens?

DZOFILM Linglung 20-70mm T2.9 and 10-24mm T2.9 Cine Zoom Lenses

Back in April 2019 during NAB, DZOFILM showed this lens as a T3.1 lens, so I suppose they have redesigned the optics a bit to enable shooting at a faster T2.9 aperture. I can only hope the lens is not too soft at T2.9. Both lenses have an MFT mount, so they can be paired well with some popular cameras like the BMPCC 4K, Z CAM E2, or Panasonic GH5 and GH5S.

DZOFILM 20-70. Source: DZOFILM

Both lenses feature a constant aperture of T2.9, 270° focus rotation angle and 100° zoom rotation angle. The DZOFILM Linglung 20-70mm (40-140 full frame equivalent) T2.9 lens features 72° iris rotation angle and the 10-24mm (20-48 full frame equivalent) T2.9 lens features 58° iris rotation angle.

There is a back flange fine adjustment ring on both lenses, which offers an adjustment of ± 0.3mm. There are 12 Iris blades in both lenses. Close focus distance is 0.79mm (2’7″) for the 20-70mm lens and 0.5m (1’8″) for the 10-24mm lens.

Both lenses also have almost identical physical specifications. Weight will be approximately 1100g (38.8oz), the front diameter is 80mm and length is 153.3mm (20-70mm) or 150.9mm (10-24mm)

According to the manufacturer, both lenses feature parfocal design (keeps focus distance when zooming) and well-controlled “nearly zero” focus breathing.

Price and Availability

Both DZOFILM cine lenses are available for pre-order. Retail prices during pre-order will be $1,499 for the 20-70mm T2.9 and $1,699 for the 10-24mm T2.9. An additional $100 discount will be applied if purchasing a set of both lenses. After pre-order, the regular prices should be $1,599 for the 20-70mm T2.9 and $1,799 for the 10-24mm T2.9.

For additional information, please head to the DZOFILM site.

What do you think of these new DZOFILM cine lenses? Could it fit in your kit? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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